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Law Society of Upper Canada fails to investigate complaints against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc.

Law Society of Upper Canada

In this websites opinion

The Upper Law Society of Canada is suppose to be a place where the public goes for protection and takes complaints against lawyers and paralegals to be investigated when rights have been violated or wrong doing has taken place. In our opinion .. What a JOKE !!

The following NEW series of posts will follow ALL the complaints that were filed by a Canadian citizen and tenant in regards to several serious paralegal complaints  filed  in 2013-2014 with the   Upper Law Society of Canada.

The complaints followed in this NEW series of posts were filed in 2013 & 2014 against Landlord Legal inc, Catherine April Stewart, Smith Paralegal Catherine-StewartServices, Diane Smith and the new 2014 complaints being filed with Legal Aid and the Upper Law Society of Canada.

Stewart had claimed there was ongoing court issues and the ULSC delayed the investigation. The two (2) civil claims Catherine Stewart had filed against the ex tenant had no bearing on the reasons for the complaint.

Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc had filed her civil court claims on behalf of herself and her clients she represented in the WRONG COURT to have our  PRIVACY-VIOLATORS BLOG SHUT DOWN and ALL the postings removed of the LTB tribunal hearings published and followed here on our Privacy-Violators Blog in addition to $5000 in alleged property damage to her clients, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Don Dykstra of Dyksytra Bros Electric.

Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and her clients knew she had called the Barrie police on false pretenses and instructed Central Lock & Key to illegally break into the unit at 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario after cutting the security chain, gaining entry and removing the locks while the Barrie police stood by and watched the tenants rights being violated and doing nothing to stop the actions or help the harassd tenant from the illegal entry although they also knew Catherine Stewart and her clients had no legal documentation allowing them to enter to support her actions .

“I have 13 years experience and know my job” ~ Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc tells Barrie police officers M Beard and Turner

Upper Law Society complaint has been re filed against Catherine Stewart for her presence and involvement in the harassment and illegal entry, lock removal incident at 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario.

* Minimum of $25,000 fine and 1 year suspension if Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal found guilty of the complaint against her

* If found guilty of the Human Rights claim HRTO #17699-I filed by the ex tenant against C A Stewart of Landlord legal inc and her employee Paul Smith, Stewart will lose her paralegal license and no longer able to practice law.

Further legal actions against the Queen, Attorney General, the Barrie police and Central lock & Key of Barrie are still pending and will ALL be followed here on Privacy-Violators Blog as they are filed and heard in court.

New complaints being filed against Catherine April Stewart and Howard Tavroges, for “Conflict of interest” and client confidentiality issues raised when he negotiated an agreement July 15th in LTB tribunal with Dawn Lewis, tenant and Stewart of landlord Legal and the tenant had to sue Catherine Stewart and her clients to retrieve the money owed from the agreement in Landlord & Tenant Board hearing in Barrie.

Catherine Stewart further sent threatening letter to Michael Hefferon, of Upper Law Society of Canada actions against the Community Legal clinic for representing the tenant after C A Stewart of Landlord Legal alleged he was connected to website activities known only to Howard Tavroges mentioned in confidential client interviews.

The tenant had filed a civil case #1546-13 against Dykstra Bros Electric to retrieve the funds owed from mediation that was arranged by Howard Tavroges and Stewart and Tavroges was doing Landlord and Tenant Board work for Catherine Stewart at the same time as the tenant is in civil court with Catherine April Stewart and Dykstra Bros Electric for the July 15th 2013 Sean Henry Order.

 ALL the original complaints that have been filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada, will be posted in this series, along with the actual responses that were received from the Law Society of Upper Canada’s, “INTAKE COUNCIL OFFICERS”, David Cass, Yvonne Skilton and the recent responses received from the Director of the Professional Regulation Division on the “handling” of the complaints that were filed and “investigated” against Catherine April Stewart, from one of its intake officers’, David Cass

David W. Cass
Intake Counsel
The Law Society of Upper Canada
Osgoode Hall
130 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2N6
Tel.: (416) 947-3300 x2440
1-800-668-7380 x2440
Fax: (416) 947-3382

Yvonne Skilton
The Law Society of Upper Canada
Osgoode Hall 130 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M5H 2N6
Tel (416)-947-3300 Ext 2099
Fax (416)-947-3990

Director of the Professional Regulation Division : PRDDirectorsOffice@lsuc.on.ca

Lawyers and licensed paralegals must comply with the Law Society Act and all related governance legislation, including regulations and by-laws and the Rules of Professional Conduct or Paralegal Rules of Conduct.”

Generally, we are concerned with issues relating to the service, ethics and honesty of lawyers and licensed paralegals”

 Smith Paralegal Services – Barrie,Ontario : https://privacy-violators.com/court-cases-watching/barrie-paralegal-diane-smith-upper-law-society-decision-and-order/

Smith Paralegal Services – Barrie, Ontario – https://privacy-violators.com/court-cases-watching/diane-smith-ulsc-administrative-hearing-set-for-friday-dec-13th-2013/

Landlord Legal inc – April Catherine Stewart – https://privacy-violators.com/court-cases-watching/new-upper-law-society-complaints-against-landlord-legal/

Complaints and emails to the Director of the Professional Regulation Division – organizing and uploaded soon for the new series of posts


Complaints and emails to David Cass – Law Society of Canada – Intake Officer

Complaints and emails to Yvonne Skilton – Law Society of Upper Canada – Intake Officer

Follow these interesting posts and see how the Law Society of Upper Canada failed to handle these complaints !

Paralegals and Lawyers should not or should know NOT TO THREATEN parties they are involved in proceedings against with CRIMINAL ARREST, FURTHER LEGAL THREATS or any kind of threat meant to harm the other party or to delay, coerce or influence the proceedings they are involved in.

Landlord Legal has openly threatened an ex tenant with criminal charges on her Landlord legal website while Human Rights/Civil allegations pending ( http://landlordlegal.ca DEC 2015 to Jan 22nd 2016) of her paralegal firm, alleged boyfriend and Dykstra Bros electric owners allegedly have been defending alleged discrimination against the Human Rights of the tenant.lANDLORD-LEGAL-website-page

Images showing the serious threats to the ex tenant, Tenant Rights Applicant and the Human Rights Applicant made from the owner, Catherine April Stewart,for Landlord Legal inc publicly advertised paralegal services website threatening CRIMINAL CHARGES after numerous unsubstantiated and FALSE ALLEGATIONS made to the Barrie Police..

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know not to create “CONFLICT of INTEREST” and if so, to remove themselves from ALL legal proceedings they are directly involved in.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are to advise clients and not act illegally for the clients they represent.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are not allowed to be present at or participate in illegal acts like break ins or illegal lock changes.

Have a complaint to file against a lawyer or paralegal ?  GOOD LUCK !!

We will update as the new complaints against Catherine Stewart and Howard Tavroges are filed and report on the progress

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