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Landlord Legal of Barrie deals in BAD FAITH..DO NOT TRUST

A small property management company owned by Catherine April Stewart of Walter’s Falls,operates from a cubicle style office out of the corridor between the two buildings at 117 Bayfield Street, owned by Wendy Kara of Sophia Development Corporation, Barrie Ontario Canada.

Landlord Legal property management is owned by, Catherine Stewart, a paralegal licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada. This paralegal has been known to file vexatious lawsuits against tenants to delay complaints filed against her legal firm from 2013.

Everyone should take the one year CTI college course to receive a paralegal certificate and become a member of the Law Society of Canada !!

This new TENANT only rights advocate plans on doing just that. The paralegal certificate will give you the right to abuse the system and hide behind your new paralegal status as demonstrated by C A Stewart of Landlord legal.

Privacy Violators website highly recommends you getting a paralegal license the easy way, until the Law Society of Canada sees the errors in their ways in allowing the abuse of process being done by these property managers !!.

Catherine Stewart, did order without proper paperwork or authorization, illegal entry by Paul Robertson and Cody Robertson of Central Lock and key, also of Barrie,while Barrie police stood by and witnessed the entry and did nothing.

Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal continues to harass the Tenants Rights advocate and Human Rights complainant with false and unsubstantiated police complaints when attempting to serve her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith a LTB summons concerning privacy violations, illegal search allegation when the ex OPP officer, and his illegal Private Investigator (PI)  status, when Paul Smith was not legal to use for Landlord Legals 24 hour intent to enter with photographs.

Read the upcoming posts and learn about the seminars given by April Stewart of Landlord Legal and ex OPP Paul Smith, on how to “have a tenant evicted” using April Stewart’s methods at paid her seminars given to teach landlords, real estate agents and investors the “tricks of the trade” !.

Catherine April Stewart
Catherine April Stewart

This paralegal is known to use April Stewart when a property manager and Catherine Stewart when she hides behind her legal status.

April Stewart, the name the paralegal uses for operating her small property management company  is known to sign  UNDERTAKINGS for her clients and then make the tenant waste their time and money as well as deliberately waste court time to retrieve the court order she agrees and signed.

Paralegal C A Stewart has openly threatened criminal charges on her LANDLORD LEGAL WEBSITE ( HERE ) against the Human Rights applicant. Catherine Stewart, her ex OPP boyfriend and her landlord clients, Dykstra Bros Electric have had Human Rights allegations against them since 2013.

Landlord legal owner, C A Stewart has delayed Upper law Society Complaints and Human Rights allegations concerning a tenants right to grow his Medical Marihuana  through the Health Canada Medical Marihuana Access Program from 2013.

DO NOT MAKE DEALS with April Stewart, Catherine April Stewart, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra or Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric. Dykstra Bros Electric is also associated with G Dykstra Electric working out of the Barrie area.

William Dykstra
William Dykstra

You can not trust a Dykstra !!

William Dykstra did not honor any agreement made on behalf of the Dykstra Bros Electric company operating from Barrie Ontario. William Dykstra is known to have locksmiths enter a tenants unit illegally after Human Rights allegations were brought up against the three brothers who own Dykstra Bros Electric.


Agreement signed April Stewart by LSUC paralegal Catherine Stewart
Agreement signed April Stewart by LSUC paralegal Catherine Stewart

Read the posts concerning the bad faith deal they made ( HERE ) to get a tenant out of the unit July 15th 2013 and the illegal break in when they DID NOT PAY THE LAST MONTHS RENT as ordered by LTB Judge Sean Henry (HERE ).

Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal and William Dykstra, representing the three brothers have NO HONOUR and will breach any court order given to make you work for it.

Do yourself a favour, and read the posts to educate yourself as to what April Stewart of Landlord Legal, is capable of doing when she violates the rights of others to defend her landlord clients !!

William Dykstra claims on the stand at the SCC # 1852-13 civil hearing it was to PUNISH THE TENANT !!.

A complete posts with the transcripts will be posted to warn the public not to trust any of these peoples mentioned in this post without checking the ALL the facts.

Catherine Stewart does her best to hide her paralegal status when she operates in both capacities of property manager and a paralegal.

Privacy Violators website has taken a stand to defend TENANT RIGHTS and show how this LANDLORD only RIGHTS ADVOCATE treats other persons rights when she is defending her landlord clients. The Law Society needs to investigate how a paralegal can steal tenant rights away so easily under the Rules of Conduct of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

There has been many complaints pending since 2013, against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal that must be investigated by the LSUC.

Follow the series of posts concerning the LSUC and property managers who work as paralegals and deal with tenants on behalf of their landlord clients,

DO NOT LET.. C A Stewart hide behind her paralegal status and rob you of your rights, send us your stories and complaints when dealing with this dishonourable paralegal operating out of Barrie and Meaford, Ontario areas.

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