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Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario…What a joke.

After a long needed vacation and a trip across Canada, the writer is ready to discuss the Human Rights allegations and evidence that were brought up against a Walters Falls paralegal, Catherine April Stewart and her ex OPP officer boyfriend, Paul Smith, also of Walters Falls and can now be brought online to the attention of the public to see the injustice that is allowed in our Ontario court system from the Barrie Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) to the Barrie Civil Courts all the way to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) and the neglect of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) to investigate the legitimate complaints filed by Canadian Citizens.

The HRTO allegations referred to are against paralegal & property manager Catherine April Stewart and ex OPP officer Paul Smith from HRTO file number 17699-14.You can request any of the documentation found here on our website from us at privacy violators or apply under the Freedom of Information with any of the file numbers given.

Along with Human Rights violations alleged and admitted to the wrong doing by the HRTO were allegations of false documents entered into evidence from Paul Smith which were notarized and witnessed by his paralegal girlfriend, Catherine Stewart who also represented the ex OPP officer and herself at the hearing until she admitted in April 2016 that, and I quote “she knows nothing of the Human Rights process” as we waited for her new lawyer, David Stashin to arrive at the hearing 2 1/2 hours later.

The false evidence allegations against Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith that was filed with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario had been ignored even though the applicant had filed the proper documents to HRTO stating the evidence did not exist at the North Toronto LTB office. The original evidence submitted as well as all the correspondence from the HRTO is to be uploaded for the public to see what paralegals can manipulate in our Ontario courts.

Walters Falls paralegal, Catherine April Stewart refused to proceed at the scheduled HRTO hearing until David Stashin arrived to take over after she herself submitted false evidence and testimony to which she herself signed with her Commissioner of Oaths Stamp for her own allegations against her and her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith.


Catherine April Stewart lives in Walters Falls and is a paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.
Catherine April Stewart is also a property manager running her paralegal and property management company from a small cubicle office from 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie Ontario.

The paralegal uses Landlord Legal inc for her paralegal services and signs Catherine April Stewart when working in this capacity.

The paralegal uses a property management company called Landlord Legal which is known to sign April Stewart when working in this capacity.

The property manager is a self proclaimed “LANDLORD RIGHTS ADVOCATE ONLY” and uses her Landlord Legal website to announce she is the self proclaimed”TERMINATOR”

The Landlord Legal website owned by Catherine Stewart is known to publicly threaten a tenant who had filed Human Rights allegations against her and her known boyfriend.

The property manager sends out “Do not Contact” and “Do not Trespass” letters without a letterhead making it look like it came from a legal office but was from the property manager capacity.

The paralegal is breaking rules of the Law Society by working in this conflict of interest positions as a paralegal and a property manager.

The paralegal is breaking rules of the Landlord and Tenant board when she represents landlords because she is a property manager but neglects to tell the opposing parties or the Landlord and Tenant Board she is also a paralegal and does not fit the definition of a “LANDORD” in the LTB courts but rather states she is a “Landlord Representative”.

Catherine April Stewart is known to sign April Stewart as a property manager, even with legal court documents when her legal name is Catherine April Stewart.

Catherine April Stewart is also known to use her ex OPP officer boyfriend, Paul Smith to do illegal searches of tenants residences and to sign her Commissioner of Oaths Stamp to testimony from her OPP alliance to further her clients interests.

The upcoming posts are going to be many, to put the truth online and the truth behind the corruption that is allowed in the Ontario Provincial Police force, the Barrie City Police force, the Barrie Civil Courts, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the well known tactics used by many paralegals that are swept under the rug from the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Privacy Violators will post the evidence used, documents submitted, and the testimony and methods used by paralegals like Catherine April Stewart disguising themselves as property managers but practice Law openly, getting away with breaking the Rules, Laws and Rights set in place for people that honor the laws and rights of Ontario citizens.

Privacy Violators website has received many emails concerning paralegal / property manager Catherine Stewart and Toronto lawyer, David Strashin and will be discussing the tactics they have used in the past and the Law Society complaints that were filed against them and ignored by the LSUC.

Privacy Violators has also learned of other complaints filed with the LSUC against David Strashin and Catherine Stewart but there is no records of any of the complaints filed on their Law Society profiles, including the complaints filed July 2014 against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc misrepresenting herself as Landlord Legal, property manager.

New complaints to the Law Society of Upper Canada are being filed against these individuals and will be well watched by Privacy Violators and other websites that have expressed interested in these stories being ignored by the so called protectors of our rights.

The truth is the Human Rights Tribunal is the biggest joke in Ontario and the details to prove this will develop over the next few weeks on our website with all the documentation and communications that transpired for HRTO file numbers 17699-14 and Dykstra Bros Electric HRTO 16250-13.

The HRTO admits the applicant was not treated fairly and quite frankly the process was a joke and the evidence that will be uploaded is there for you to make your own judgement with the HRTO system in place.

All lives matter..bullshit..not in Ontario Human Rights !!

PDF of Aprill 22/2016 Case Assessment from Human Rights Tribunal heard from Mary Truemner
HRTO 17699-13 & HRTO 16250-13 (10 pages)

Open the PDF below page 5 paragraph 8 & 9 to view admission from the HRTO on the unfairness of the hearings from HRTO representative, Mary Truemner.

Open the PDF file below to view the contents of the communication from Mary Truemner, pay attention to page 6 concerning “Absolute Privilege” which will be discussed at length in further posts.

Open the PDF and view page 8 paragraphs 17,18,19 to read on how paralegals can do and say anything and get away with it even when it comes to Human rights in Ontario.


All evidence, documentation and testimony as well as ALL Case Assessment Direction received for the Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra will be uploaded for the public to view, read and gain their own opinions of what a joke the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario really is.

All evidence, documentation, emails, Do not trespass, Do not Contact, email communications and testimony signed and sworn from paralegal / property manager Catherine April Stewart will be uploaded for the public to see what a joke our court system is.

All false evidence and false testimony submitted from paralegal Catherine Stewart for her own allegations and that of her ex OPP boyfriend will be uploaded for the public to view and get their own opinion of the Ontario Court system and the Law Society of Upper Canada and realize the joke we all face.

If the Human Rights can not protect and honor my rights, and constantly allow paralegals to manipulate a system after going to a CTI school for one year and BUY THEIR PARALEGAL LICENSES, I will be god damned if I honor any other minority, gay, lesbian, fag, black, Hispanic, woman’s movement or anyone else’s rights !!


Tell me that after reading all the HRTO claims and evidence  brought against Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie and an ex OPP officer and his paralegal girlfriend, Catherine April Stewart disguised as a property manager.

I sincerely mean it when I say ” FUCK the corrupt police, FUCK the corrupt Ontario Court System and FUCK the corrupt Human Rights Tribunal and FUCK the corrupt Law Society of Upper Canada” it is a waste of your time.

I hope they all rot in HELL for their known injustices they participate in and constantly overlook.

In our opinion you are better off dealing with it your own way, it will be faster, cheaper and let them do the work of proving allegations against you for your actions.

Read the upcoming posts we named “The Stewart Solution” where LTB Rules and Regulations are discussed as well as the Law Society of Upper Canada methods of investigating complaints and their Rules and Regulations they ignore when they are suppose to enforce and protect us.

The only persons protected by the Law Society of Upper Canada are themselves, and the paralegals and lawyers that pay the fee to be a member for their protection. They do not care that false evidence, false testimony and laws like, break and enter occur or the victims of the paralegals who knowingly break the rules and the laws set out for citizens but not for them.

There are a lot of posts to open the public’s eyes to the corrupt system from the Police forces involved, Civil Courts,Human Rights Tribunal and the Law Society of Upper Canada and this new “Tenant Rights Advocate” will not stop until the entire truth is known publicly of our “JOKE OF A SYSTEM” and the corrupt paralegals who knowingly break the laws and rules set out for the rest of us !!

We welcome all your input, opinions and any new information concerning David Strashin, Catherine Stewart, Paul Smith, Ralph Dykstra, Donald Dykstra, William Dykstra and any paralegal known to break rules or laws for their own gains.

Send all your emails, notes, photos, documents and file numbers to us at : admin@privacy-violators.com

You are the only one that can protect your rights, not this corrupt system they call justice.. ALL LIVES MATTER but not at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunals or the Human Rights Commission !!


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