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Central Lock & Key of Barrie enter unit illegally to change locks !

From a story dating back to August 15th 2013th which led to

1)  Several Landlord & Tenant Board tribunal complaints,
2)  A joint submission LTB court order signed by Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal for her Dykstra Bros Electric clients,
3)  Two (2) civil cases in Barrie against Dykstra Bros Electric * Heard March 12th 2015
4)  One civil case against Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc (Meaford/Barrie) * Now June 30th 2015
5)  Numerous Law Society complaints filed and on hold against Catherine Stewart until civil case finished
6)  Law Society Complaints against her newest paralegal Howard Tavroges
7)  Human Rights allegations against Dykstra Bros Electric to be heard June 10 2015
8)  Human Rights allegations against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc ( Meaford/Barrie)
9)  Human Rights allegations against Stewart’s boyfriend, employee and retired OPP officer of 30 years, Paul Smith

Several other false accusations by April Stewart, Howard Tavroges and attempts to have tenant charged with Barrie police to be discussed when police report is obtained and posted here on our website.

Privacy Violators wants to bring the rest of the story to you.

August 15th 2013 – Paul Richardson and his son Cody Richardson entered the 40 Ellen Street Barrie unit illegally and proceeded to change the locks on orders from Catherine Stewart and in front of 2 attending police officers and without any court papers or legal papers of any kind picked the bottom lock and cut the security chain to gain entry illegally.

Central lock and key enters unit illegally

Central Lock & Key of Barrie were called to 24 Victoria Street by Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal, and the owners of the units Dykstra Bros Electric for a legal Sheriffs order they had for the unit nut admitted on the stand at the civil hearing that none were provided to them when they illegally entered 40 Ellen Street August 15th 2013.

Paul Richardson and his son Cody Richardson of Central Lock & Key has worked for 4 -5 years on several occasions with Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal changing locks, according to the owner Paul Richardson, on the stand March 12th 2015.

Paul Richardson of Central Lock & Key has no fixed store address for this locksmith service and has no business license and no records with the City of Barrie to operate a business in Barrie. He runs a van as a mobile unit set up with equipment to change and make key & lock changes.It makes it hard to find and serve locksmiths set up like this as summons have to be given in person so we want to help other people that need to find this business for what ever their reasons are and this is probably the reason Catherine Stewart uses locksmiths like Paul Richardson Central Lock & Key for her eviction and lock removal processes.

In October 2013 Paul Richardson and his son Cody Richardson, along with Barrie police officer Melanie Beard, were summoned to the LTB hearing which Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc had claimed to be out of the country for and Stewart had also failed to notify the tenant or the LTB tribunal of her intentions although she had plenty of time she was notified before the trial and had the contact information for the tenant in the court files.

Cody Robertson-central lock and keyCody Richardson, shown here to the left next to their Central Lock & Key mobile unit was being served for the March 12th civil hearing when he threatened the ex tenant and the Barrie police had to be called. Cody Richardson sped out the driveway barely avoiding a car blocking him in and ran, not waiting to talk to the officers about his threats !!

Although properly served, Cody Richardson of Central Lock & Key Barrie failed to show March 12th 2015 civil trial !

Paul Richardson, the owner of Central Lock & Key did show up at the civil trial and on the stand became a hostile witness when he had to admit he was directed to enter the unit illegally by Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc and asked the judge to listen to an audio recording he had taken.

Paul Richardson had saved an audio recording (18 months on his phone) from the September 2013 LTB hearing summons when the tenant had told him if he co operated he would not write badly about the deeds he had done illegally August 2013th on Catherine Stewart’s direction as the tenant knew they were manipulated as were the Barrie police. When asked on the stand when the audio was taken, Paul Richardson had lied, when he said he did not know when it was recorded, although it was evident from the recording it was from 18 months prior for the September 2013 LTB attempts to summon him for the LTB trial that Catherine Stewart and her clients failed to show or to notify the LTB Tribunal or the tenant involved.

Landlord Legal owner Catherine April StewartCatherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc had filed two $25,000 civil cases in Barrie against the ex tenant, on ODSP and un garnishable, one for Ralph Dykstra, Bill Dykstra, Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric and the other from her paralegal firm personally. Stewart and her clients failed to show for the “Mandatory Settlement Conference” for the civil cases she filed against the tenant. These allegations were finally heard March 12th 2015 and the judge hearing the case “Reserved Judgment” and we will post the results and the orders whenever we finally receive them.

Read the Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc stories we have posted and the new updates to the civil and Human Rights allegations against Dykstra Bros Electric and her employee and boyfriend Paul Smith, a retired OPP officer and licensed private investigator that she has to do her private work.

Choose your locksmiths wisely and do a little research before you allow them into your home !!

If you have a story connected to Central Lock & Key of Barrie, Dykstra Bros Electric or Landlord Legal inc that you would like to share with our readers, please feel free to contact us anytime with the details

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