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Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal files Vexatious lawsuit against Privacy Violators website

This series of posts will follow the conflict that started in May of 2013, when April Stewart AKA Catherine A Stewart of Landlord Legal, was hired by Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie to evict a tenant who was legal to grow Medical Marihuana in his residence.

This paralegal has been known to ignore a tenants right to grow legal medical marihuana when he was licensed under the Medical Marihuana Access Program (MMAP) in 2013. Catherine Stewart is also known to send her ex OPP boyfriend Paul T Smith to do a complete inspection with photos of the tenants unit, breaching if not abusing RTA rules when she uses RTA s.20 to do a Routine Inspection for “Maintenance Purposes”.

Landlord Legal owner Catherine April StewartApril Stewart is the owner of a small property management company known as Landlord legal, and a licensed paralegal with the Law society of Upper Canada who owns Landlord Legal inc, a Barrie paralegal firm.

APRIL STEWART of LANDLORD LEGAL has been known to be operating from Barrie, Ontario, Meaford, Ontario and has openly threatened on her Landlord Legal website HERE to have the tenant that filed Human Rights allegations and many Law Society of Upper Canada complaints her, with criminal charges.

Read the posts concerning the website threats HERE.

Privacy Violators website will upload all files attached to any post related to the stories we followed after the Human rights allegations are dealt with.

Catherine A Stewart continues to call the Barrie police with false allegations ( 6-7 times ) and unsubstantiated complaints Catherine Stewart even called Barrie Police officer Steeles to complain and attempt to charge the tenant who had attended the Landlord and tenant Board hearings which is a public forum. Read the Barrie police harassment allegations HERE.

lANDLORD-LEGAL-website-pageCatherine Stewart calls another FALSE call to Barrie police when evidence was delivered to her small cubicle on August 11th 2015 for the Human Rights allegations against her clients Ralph Dykstra, Donald Dykstra, William Dykstra, Catherine Stewart, and ex OPP officer Paul T Smith of the Meaford area.

When complaints were filed August 2013, against Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal inc to the LSUC for conduct unbecoming a paralegal and illegal entry and lock change to a tenants residence, Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal then filed vexatious small claims lawsuit against this Privacy Violators website. Catherine Stewart has failed to show and sent other paralegals in her place, lied about being out of the country and failed to notify the other parties numerous times as well as continuing to delay her claims she had filed to postpone and or delay the Law Society of Upper Canada complaints and the Human Rights allegations brought against her and her Dykstra Bros Electric clients and ex OPP officer boyfriend Paul T Smith.

The FALSE claims April Stewart AKA Catherine A Stewart had filed October 22nd 2013 against Privacy Violators website are still pending in the Barrie Small claims Court. The Barrie court has ignored and infringed on the tenants right for a speedy trial that was requested in March 2014.Landlord-Legal-website-page

Paralegals who file vexatious claims to delay or interfere with the legal process needs to be addressed more at length here on our Privacy Violators website.

Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal is a LANDLORD ONLY rights activist who VIOLATES OTHER PEOPLES RIGHTS to win for her clients, no matter what is involved. Read the illegal break in allegations HERE and her relationship with Central Lock and key of Barrie Ontario when she ordered them to break into a unit in front of the Barrie police and got away with it !!

The proof of these vexatious allegations are in the many events, complaints and allegations that have been filed against Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal inc for NOT SHOWING, NOT NOTIFYING, ILLEGAL BREAK IN, ILLEGAL LOCK CHANGE, FALSE POLICE CALLS,and VIOLATING TENANT RIGHTS !!.

The Privacy Violators website plans on releasing ALL DOCUMENTS related to the many posts written to warn the public of the actions of this paralegal who abuses the system, breaks rules of the Landlord and Tenant Board, and continues to break the rules of conduct of the LSUC to interfere with true justice.

Please keep sending the emails with your interactions with Landlord legal of Barrie and we will continue to post every complaint received as well as beginning a NEW series of posts to follow the Law Society Rules governing the conduct of paralegals when the Human rights allegations against C A Stewart, P Smith, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bro’s Electric.


Read the posts concerning paralegal Diane Smith ~ disgrace to the Law society of Upper Canada and beware !!

Howard Tavroges
Howard Tavroges breaches client confidentiality.

Read other posts of the ex Orillia Legal Clinic paralegal who is alleged to have disclosed private client information to his known associate C A Stewart while representing landlord Legal inc in the Barrie Landlord and Tenant Board hearings when April Stewart does not want to attend. Howard Tavroges represented the tenant when Stewart and Tavroges finalized the July 18th 2013 BAD FAITH DEAL.


Read the posts concerning the privacy breach from Howard Tavroges HERE

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