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Barrie Chronic Pain Clinic discloses patients private information !

The Barrie Chronic Pain Clinic, is a privately held company located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and is categorized under Family Practice Doctors.

The location of this pain clinic has moved and changed over the years, but has most recently set up their little practice with multiple doctors sharing a few very small offices at 500 Huronia Road, Suite 101 which is now located in the basement of the building.

The clinic provides a very small 9 x 9 waiting room with six hard back chairs for their chronic pain patients to sit on while the wait times are routinely ridiculously long. The clinic is well known, to over book patients so as to charge OHIP the maximum they can for the small shared office spaces shared by the many doctors.

The Barrie pain clinics operating hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10am – 2 pm, with each of the listed doctors sharing and billing for use of the 3 small rotating offices. The clinic is alleged to care more about maximizing their profits than committed to patient care or service to the chronic pain patients they serve.

This Barrie pain clinic is primarily operated under medical Director, Dr Constantine “Gus” Zachos.

Other doctors that share these small offices on a part time basis to cut their operating costs are Dr Paul Perlon, Dr Richard Goudie, Dr Reza Heidarpour Heymeh, Dr James Ku, Dr Michael Partridge, Dr Seyon Sathiaseelan, Dr Joey Rampton and Dr Mitch Whyne.

The clinic has a financial interest and is associated with Mary Dove yoga, which is located in the basement just up the hall from these doctors offices, and has shared confidential information with the private yoga instructor running it, many times without patient knowledge or consent.

Recently we received emails stating complaints were to be filed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons located in Toronto, concerning the lack of care and compassion against Dr Paul Perlon of Richmond Hill and Dr Zachos, the Director the Barrie Pain Clinic for violating patients’ rights as well as disclosing confidential medical information without patient consent or knowledge.

Dr Paul Perlon, is known to have a clinic in Richmond Hill and also an emergency room doctor. Many complaints have been received concerning Dr Paul Perlon over prescribing the narcotic, Oxycontin and Oxyneo.

The neglect for the addiction factors and safety of his patients under his care, along with the safety of the public, when he prescribes large amounts of Percocet and Oxycontin to his patients he administers nerve blocks to, have been noted in the complaints to the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Dr Perlon has been known to allow heavily prescribed patients to continue to operate motor vehicles and maintain jobs at dangerous positions & factories around Barrie and Richmond Hill, when the nerve blocks he administers do not work.on other reviews, Dr Perlon is alleged to be sexist when it comes to his female patients and seems to have less compassion or care for them according to reviews on the website RateMds.com

The complaints that are filed with the College of Physicians, are to be forwarded to aware OHIP, and the Minister of Health, Dr Philpott of the dangers Dr Perlon, Dr Zachos and the Barrie Pain Clinic pose to public safety and scrutinize their billing practices to the government for the services they provide.

The new legislation regarding cutting back and prescribing highly addictive narcotics like, Oxycontin by doctors, surgeons and pain clinics will help keep the addiction rate lower, workers safe and heavily drugged patients off the streets.

Many provinces have seen an increase in overdoses and vehicular deaths caused by strong narcotics like Oxycontin and Fentanyl needlessly prescribed so doctors and pain clinics can make a larger profit.

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