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From “lsuc.on.ca” ~ Upper Law Society Illegal Practitioners Prosecuted – Law Society Prosecutions







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If you are aware of any of these individuals continuing to engage in illegal practice,  contact the Law Society.



Diane Smith – Barrie Paralegal Investigated by Upper Law Society of Canada

Diane Smith Paralegal -Barrie
Diane Smith Paralegal -Barrie

A complaint to the Upper Law Society of Canada regarding a Barrie paralegal Diane Lynn Smith  (link to the ULSC website – go to directory) to be  investigated for allegedly sending a letter to a tenant while she was under suspension and other allegations. The Upper Law Society has not sent any further information as to its point in the investigation or its rulings. Can you see after reading the letter she sent to the Tenant, what the other complaint the Tenant filed against her ?

The Smith Paralegal Facebook page shows her having an office on Anne Street last year, and another address for the Bayfield Mall to the Masters Drive address on her letterhead in June of this year. This was voted to be added to our Paralegals Gone Wild Section.



Read the letter that was sent to the tenant and see if you can pick out the reason why the Tenant initially filed the complaints against Smith Paralegal Services of Barrie. Diane Smith is Suspended Administratively.
Suspended Administratively means : “A paralegal who has been suspended for administrative reasons, such as failing to pay fees or file forms on time. A suspended paralegal is not permitted by the Law Society to provide legal services.”
There will be further postings to update the status of the complaints that were filed in June 2013 with the Upper Law Society and any additional legal action taken.


It is always a good practice to check the Upper Law Society website for the status of any Lawyer or paralegal to see if any prior complaints have been filed,  their license type and their status with the Law Society of Upper Canada.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines Landlord Harassment as :

“Landlord harassment is the willing creation, by a landlord or his agents, of conditions that are uncomfortable for one or more tenants in order to induce willing abandonment of a rental contract. Such a strategy is often sought because it avoids costly legal expenses and potential problems with eviction. This kind of activity is common in regions where rent control laws exist, but which do not allow the direct extension of rent-controlled prices from one tenancy to the subsequent tenancy, thus allowing landlords to set higher prices. Landlord harassment carries specific legal penalties in some jurisdictions, but enforcement can be very difficult or even impossible in many circumstances. However, when a crime is committed in the process and motives similar to those described above are subsequently proven in court, then those motives may be considered an aggravating factor in many jurisdictions, thus subjecting the offender(s) to a stiffer sentence.” ~ Wikipedia


** We will post the actual complaint filed and the results when the Upper Law Society finishes investigating the alleged claims against Smith.

If you need to file a complaint against a Lawyer or a paralegal, visit the website of the  Upper Law Society of Canada.

Walter’s Falls paralegal practices law under several names !

April Stewart, self proclaimed Landlord rights advocate and Human Rights violator
47-year-old April Stewart is known as the privacy violator

Catherine April Stewart, a resident of Walter’s falls Ontario is a phoney self proclaimed advocator of Landlord ONLY rights and is known to practice law under several names and businesses.Stewart is also known to call herself the “terminator” when she attacks tenants in the LTB Hearings.

Stewart owns and operates a phoney property management company from 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario under the name Landlord legal.

Landlord Legal small office between the buildings.
Landlord Legal small office between the buildings.

The phoney property management company Catherine Stewart runs is from a small cubicle office surrounded by numerous accountants in a firm there, and the building is owned by Wendy Kara of Sophia development Corporation.

These accountants have been known to receive confidential and private legal documents that were intended for her legal firms eyes only but has on numerous occasions received unprotected legal documents on her behalf when she operates her legal firm from her Walters Falls residence.

Stewart had closed her failing Meaford legal office last year after she neglected to inform the Civil courts and the Human Rights of the closure of her office that was on record to receive the legal files from Human Rights allegations brought up against Stewart, her husband Paul Smith and her landlord clients Dykstra Bros Electric.

Coward Barrie slumlord – Ralph Dykstra
Coward Barrie slumlord – Donald Dykstra
Dykstra Bros electric retired owner William dykstra
William Dykstra (a known liar in civil court)


This phoney self proclaimed advocator for landlord only rights has had many complaints filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) for her sharp practice methods of advocating including practicing law under several names.


The Law Society has so far protected the illegal actions of Stewart and has neglected to register ANY of the many complaints that have been filed with their office over many breaches of their own rules and rules of conduct with the courts Stewart has been accused and involved with directly.

Catherine April Stewart is the legal name registered at the LSUC for Stewart to practice law under, and the name of the business registered at the LSUC for her shady legal firm is Landlord legal inc.

Catherine Stewart has been practicing law at the LTB Board in Barrie, Meaford and numerous other cities across Ontario and using the name April Stewart under landlord legal, when she represents her landlord  only clients.

Agreement signed April Stewart by LSUC paralegal Catherine Stewart
Agreement signed April Stewart by LSUC paralegal Catherine Stewart

Stewart has been known to make many deals under this name and is now very well known not to honor any agreements she makes with tenants only to have them take the matter into civil courts wasting their money and valuable court time for her purposes.

Stewart has also been known to harass Human Rights applicants when she complained to the Barrie police the tenant was showing up at the LTB hearings which is an open forum to anybody thatwishes to go. The police or this lowlife paralegal do not have the right to harass the tenants that wish to go to ANY LTB hearing for ANY REASON !

The corrupt Barrie police have harassed many tenants fore this ex OPP officer and his paralegal girlfriend but would not charge her for Break & enter, entering false statements, entering false documents or for harassing a human Rights applicant several times. Please read the many posts concerning this phoney Landlord Rights advocate.

Stewart has also been known to break into tenants units while being present at the crime with the Barrie police witnessing the act and telling her she did not have the legal right to enter the unit to begin with.



Another disgraced paralegal Diane Smith, has also been known for practicing law under different names and businesses and is also well known to have worked for Catherine Stewart on numerous past hearings.


Between the conflict of interests businesses Stewart owns and runs with her husband, ex OPP officer Paul Smith there has been numerous complaints to the LSUC over her legal practice and her submitting false testimony, statements and evidence from Paul Smith. Stewart has been known to use her Commissioner stamp to sign and authorize documents she submits from her husband when they pertain to her landlord only clients and Ontario LTB hearings.

Under the LTB Act 2006 Stewart does NOT FIT the definition of a landlord and should not be practicing law representing her slum lord clients.Paul Smith has also been known to work illegally as a Private Investigator for this paralegal when he was not licensed to do so in Ontario. Many statements Paul Smith gave to the Privacy Commissioner, Civil Courts, LTB hearings and the Human Rights allegations has statements coming from him as a private investigator working for Stewart.

Dykstra House had illegal marihuana gro operation

Stewart has been known to break many rules of the Law Society and Rules and regulations for paralegals and many Rules of Conduct courts and has gone as far as entering false evidence into the Human Rights allegations brought up against Catherine April Stewart, her husband Paul Smith, William Dykstra, Ralph Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie Ontario.

Stewart is also known for not paying court orders that have been given to her to pay when she failed to show or notify the courts on several occasions.

Stewart had another paralegal lied at the LTB hearing she was accused of breaking & entering into a tenants unit while witnesses and the Barrie police watched. Paul Smith admitted to cowering behind a car when the tenant tried serving him legal documents to appear in LTB court for photographing his unit against the LTB Act 2006.Another crooked ex OPP cop that abuses the system for his paralegal girlfriend.Barrie police

New complaints have been filed again against Catherine Stewart with the Law Society of Upper Canada who has been known to protect lawyers and paralegals when they break the law or even the rules set out by the society to govern the conduct of these one year graduates who receive a law degree from shady colleges in Ontario.

Privacy Violators will have the actual complaints posted live with all the responses from the governing body for lawyers and paralegals and will post all the comments and results from the many, many complaints.

Privacy Violators has received many emails and evidence that many other complaints have previously been filed against Catherine Stewart with the LSUC but there are no records of any of the complaints filed against her.

The writer had filed Break and Enter complaints against Stewart that were dismissed when David Cass, LSUC intake officer dismissed without reason or evidence in September 2013. David Cass is accused of protecting paralegals even though they violate the rules set out governing the conduct of paralegals and lawyers by the LSUC.

Catherine Stewart is another disgrace to the LSUC when she practices law under numerous names and knowingly and willingly signs and submits false statements and false evidence, in her own Human Rights allegations filed in 2014. Entering false evidence is a criminal offense as is break and enter. No paralegal is allowed to be present during an illegal act for any reason let alone be a party to it.

Read the many posts of the illegal activity done by this paralegal who practices under different names and businesses in and around Barrie, Ontario.

Complaints to the fraud department of the Canada Revenue Agency have been launched against alleged ex OPP officer Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart.

Tenant rights advocate warns the public and discusses tactics of the self proclaimed “terminator”, Catherine Stewart!

A tenant rights advocate had many dealings with the Landlord and Tenant Board, Civil courts, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario,Privacy commissioner and the Law Society over past three years. The tenant rights advocate speaks up online of known tactics from paralegals and lawyers who deal in what is known as “SHARP PRACTICE” and frowned upon by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Sharp practice is the term given to lawyers and paralegals when knowingly they break laws, court rules and procedures, lie and pretty much do or say anything they want claiming, it is defense of their clients, or themselves, even knowingly submitting false testimony and false evidence to their court hearings, which is against the law.

The Law Society of Upper Canada is well aware of the increase in allegations of lawyers and paralegal, known to use Sharp Practice tactics and unbecoming methods to defend clients, or allegations against them personally.
The LSUC has continually neglected to investigate these complaints of the involved paralegals or lawyers.There has been a drastic increase in the number of complaints filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada accusing many registered Law Society members of such sharp practice methods and illegal actions, unbecoming a paralegal.
The Law Society has been known to turn a blind eye to sharp practice allegations filed with them to investigate !

Ask yourself these questions as you read some of the tactics used at the bottom of this post !!

  1. How do paralegals and lawyers get away with this “Sharp Practice” tactics in our court system ?
  2. Why should paralegals and lawyers get away with this “Sharp Practice” tactics in our court system ?
  3. What cost of Canadian tax dollars is spent for the intentional tactics used by these lawyers and paralegals?
  4. What is the effect of the court system with back logs of honest cases to be heard but delayed.?
  5. Who protects the Canadian citizens who put their trust in the law and the courts to protect them ?
  6. Why does the Law Society turn a blind eye to the LSUC members who commit sharp practice?
  7. How far does sharp practice and breaking the rules and regulations go in our Canadian courts?
  8. How many vexatious cases are filed and delayed, from Sharp Practice paralegals & lawyers?
  9. How much police time is wasted on false complaints filed by sharp practice paralegals and lawyers?
  10. How much of Police budget is wasted for the paralegals who file false complaints against opposing party?
  11. How much stress is put on the opposing parties when dealing with sharp practice paralegals and lawyers?
  12. How much money is wasted by the opposing parties when dealing with the known legal scumbags?

This post deals specifically with the known practices and interaction with several paralegals, lawyers, ex OPP officer, Barrie landlords and a civil court judge of which the writer had involvement with from 2013 – 2016.

  • Toronto Lawyer David Strashin
  • Disgraced paralegal Diana Smith barred from practicing law in Ontario
  • LTB paralegal Howard Tavroges discloses confidential client information to Stewart after signing LTB Order
  • Walters Falls paralegal, Catherine April Stewart accused of Sharp Practice tactics
  • Barrie Civil Court Judge Kalwoski
  • Barrie landlords Dykstra Bros Electric (Ralph,William,Donald Dykstra)

Barrie Court House* * Barrie Civil Judge Kalwoski breaks rules of the Justice act as a fair and impartial judge when he hears cases involving the retrieval of a LTB Order, and other additional motions involving SCC#1851-13 & SCC#1852-13 where he calls Catherine Stewart to his chambers during ongoing proceedings without the other party being present. It is suspected Judge Kalwosky had put personal notes in the court files to influence the outcome of the future Superior Civil Court proceedings !!


Diane Smith Paralegal -Barrie** Diana Smith was found to be practicing law under different names when she was not legally licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada to practice law in Ontario.Diane Smith sold her house and moved to Newmarket with her son to avoid future civil cases filed against her. She did not show for the allegations against her at LSUC hearings.

** Toronto lawyer David Strashin was aware of the false testimony, and false evidence allegations concerning his client, and friend paralegal, Catherine Stewart. Stewart had filed Human Rights evidence herself, well past the given date stated by the HRTO Registrar, Richard Hennessy for proceedings held in Toronto, Canada. (HRTO 16799-14 & HRTO#16250-13).

The late evidence was allowed into the proceedings as was David Strashin allowed to represent her, after Strashin and Stewart break HR rules of procedure, neglecting to properly notify the tribunal or the other party that he was her legal representative.

Evidence from the applicant was still delivered to the offices of Catherine Stewart, legal contact on file, when no evidence that Strashin was given that he was now the legal rep on file, as per the rules for contact information, to receive any evidence or documents pertaining to the hearings as far back as August of 2015.

The complete details of Toronto Human Rights lawyer, David Strashin, are discussed in the upcoming Human Rights conclusion postings.The new posts will bring up and disclose new facts discovered about Strashin after numerous emails were received and our investigation details of Strashin during the Human Rights hearings.

Catherine Stewart, her boyfriend Paul Smith and the Dykstra Bros used Toronto lawyer David Strashin, after claiming to the unfair mediator Mary Truemner, during the proceedings “I dont know this Human Rights stuff” and refused to proceed further until a 2 1/2 hour late Strashin finally showed for a scheduled hearing.

Dykstra Bros electric retired owner William dykstra

* William Dykstra (left) knowingly states lies on the stand for the Civil hearings he filed in attempts to shut down Privacy Violators website. William Dykstra had no knowledge of any business with the tenant business as his cowardly brother Ralph Dykstra was the only Dykstra brother to deal with the residential and commercial tenants.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWilliam Dykstra states in Barrie Civil courtroom…he did it to “hurt the tenant”.

You can not trust a Dykstra to honor any deal they make,as proven with the LTB agreement he had Stewart sign on their behalf forcing litigation to retrieve the funds they owed the tenant.

Ralph Dykstra (right) did not appear on the stand for the civil but instead had William state lies. The transcripts from SCC#1852-13 will be published with his testimony discussed at full length.

The involvement of “Sharp Practice” goes deep into our court system involving Landlord and Tenant board hearings, Civil Court hearings and many Human Rights hearings here in Ontario, Canada.Sharp practice costs citizens thousands of dollars and many years of their life defending their legal cases only to lose to these legal scum bags. (my opinion)

Look up “Absolute Privilege” on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) website here http://canlii.org/en/on/ and you will see what many lawyers and paralegals are doing and saying, regardless of the law or the rules of procedure for any court and you will see and understand why I am trying to warn the public and point out to the readers the methods used.

Many faithful readers are familiar with the Barrie landlords, Dykstra Bros Electric retired owners, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra, all from Barrie, Ontario and mentioned in many of the Landlord & Tenant board posts here on Privacy Violators website, as well as the Human rights allegations a tenant had filed.

  • LTB #30421-13 hearing – Found guilty of discussing private tenant details with other tenants
  • LTB #33911-13 hearing – break & enter/illegal lock change – NO SHOW
  • LTB #31816-13 Privacy invasion allegations – 100’s photos taken at tenants home prior to filing #32321-13
  • LTB #32321-13 – Attempted forced eviction after complaints filed against Dykstra Bros Electric slum lords
  • Civil #1546-13 – tenant files to retrieve money owed from LTB order Dykstra’s signed but neglected to honor
  • Civil #1852-13 – Civil hearing to shut down Privacy Violators website- * Filed in WRONG court to do so !
  • HRTO #16250-13 – Human Rights allegations filed against Ralph,Donald and William Dykstra

A privacy breach involves improper or unauthorized collection, use, disclosure, retention or disposal of personal information.

Many posts are listed here on Privacy Violators website concerning Catherine A Stewart and her ex OPP officer over Landlord and Tenant board hearings, vexatious Civil Court proceedings filed and Human rights allegations brought up against the pair.

  • LTB #33911-13 – break & enter and illegal lock allegations against Catherine Stewart and her landlord clients
  • LTB #31816 – Over privacy invasion and 100’s of photos of tenants home by ex OPP officer Paul Smith
  • LTB #1851-13 – Vexatious civil suit – paralegal Stewart files in wrong court to shut down Privacy Violators
  • LTB #1546-13 – Civil to retrieve order signed by Catherine Stewart for landlord clients and not honored
  • Privacy Commissioner complaints filed against Catherine Stewart over privacy invasion
  • Law Society complaints against Catherine Stewart for break in & illegal lock change attempts
  • HRTO # 17699-14 – Human rights allegations against ex OPP officer and his paralegal girlfriend
  • Upcoming Law Society complaints over false testimony,false evidence, contact against the rules and more !


Catherine Stewart has been known to do the following improper actions and infractions while working in both capacities as a paralegal and a paralegal.There are new complaints to the Law Society to investigate the conduct unbecoming a paralegal from complaints presently being filed by the ex tenant and the Human Rights applicant.


  1. Known to represent landlords illegally in LTB when not fit the definition of landlord under the LTB Act
  2. Known to use disgraced paralegal Diane Smith at LTB hearings to represent her management firm
  3. Known to use term “landlord representative” in LTB hearings NOT “legal representative” (manipulation)
  4. Operates as a paralegal business under the name Landlord Legal inc
  5. Allows accountant tenants at her small office 117 Bayfield Street,Barrie to accept unsecured legal documents
  6. Known to sign Catherine April Stewart when acting as a paralegal business (is her legal name)
  7. Known to serve standard No Contact and No Trespassing letters with no identifying letterhead
  8. Serves documents to opposing party directlyagainst the rules when they have legal representation
  9. Operates as a Barrie property manager under the name Landlord Legal (NO inc at end)
  10. Catherine Stewart is known to forcibly break into tenants home, while police watch and do nothing.
  11. Known to breach rules of the Business Act knowingly signing documents with wrong legal name
  12. Known to harass any opposing party with numerous false complaints to police
  13. Known to sign April Stewart as a Barrie  property manager business – not legal name
  14. Known to knowingly sign and submit Human Rights documents as April Stewart – not legal name
  15. Known to use APRIL STEWART for LTB and then shift to paralegal CATHERINE STEWART
  16. Knowingly uses false name & signature when her legal name is CATHERINE APRIL STEWART
  17. Known to sign false affidavits for boyfriend Paul Smith testimony for her clients – has commissioner stamp
  18. Known to use ex OPP boyfriend’s illegal private investigator & retired OPP police status to her advantage
  19. Stewart uses ex OPP Paul Smith private investigator status when he was not legal to work in that capacity
  20. Paul Smith is known to use PI license & status when he was not legal in that capacity for her business uses
  21. Catherine Stewart is known to submit legal document to HRTO allegations that did not exist at LTB
  22. Paul Smith files false documents when he claimed to file a “Certificate of service” that did not exist
  23. Ex OPP Paul Smith gives signed document “Certificate of Service” to Catherine Stewart instead of filing at LTB
  24. Paul Smith stated he was a process server for 10 years – should know how to file a legal document as a cop
  25. Paul Smith knowingly gave a false document for evidence to be used by C A Stewart in civil hearings
  26. Paul Smith gives false statements & non existent documents for Stewart’s Privacy Commissioner complaints
  27. Paul Smith gives false testimony for Human Rights allegations against him (detailed documentation provided)
  28. Stewart knowingly submitted false testimony to the Privacy Commissioner, civil trials and the Human Rights
  29. Paralegal Catherine Stewart is known to not follow Civil Court Rules of procedure against other litigants
  30. Stewart known to not show up for Civil motions filed against her because of improper actions/document filings
  31. Known to go back chambers with Barrie Civil judge Kowalski during legal proceedings against same tenant
  32. Catherine Stewart is a Landlord Rights only advocate who knowingly violates other peoples rights
  33. Stewart is known to break rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada – Read NEW Law Society complaints
  34. Signs as April Stewart when working as a property manager for landlord & tenant rights hearings !
  35. Stewart is known to file vexatious lawsuits with no chance of recovery to delay Law society complaints
  36. Stewart is known to file vexatious suits to waste courts time, other parties money and time
  37. Known to file useless civil cases to delay Human rights proceedings filed against her
  38. Known to use absolute privilege defense to break the laws and rules to defend herself & landlord clients
  39. known to file vexatious lawsuits and claim matters were dealt with in another forum
  40. Catherine Stewart is known to refuse to pay court orders owed, issued and were agreed and signed by her.
  41. C A Stewart puts unrelated witnesses on witness list so they cannot be used in court against her elsewhere
  42. Known to use her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith to lie on the civil stand when he’s not on the witness list
  43. C A Stewart Does Not Appear in court to answer for the break & enter Barrie police witnessed
  44. Stewart does illegal searches, uses her boyfriend, ex OPP, illegal PI services of Paul Smith to do it
  45. Photographs tenants units but does not use photographs in LTB court.Against the LTB rules and harassment.
  46. Known to consistently not to give disclosure evidence before hearings as per the rules, esp in Barrie LTB
  47. Known to harass ex tenants who file Human Rights claims against her company and her clients.
  48. Stewart is known to give lectures and courses with Paul Smith instructing on how to manipulate courts
  49. Stewart is known to teach Realtors and landlords to breach tenants rights deliberately
  50. Stewart teaches landlords and realtors to peek in the windows when tenant not home
  51. Known to issue many no trespass notices with no letterhead from Landlord Legal (will be uploaded for display)
  52. Has been known to break many rules and regulations of the Landlord and Tenant Board Act 2006
  53. Has been known to not give any disclosure or evidence to other tenants or parties at LTB
  54. Has been known to make false police calls for her benefit (ex: keep the peace while she breaks in)
  55. Has been known to refuse court summons for her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith to appear in court.
  56. Has other paralegal lie in court on her behalf to the LTB Judge when she stated “OUT OF THE COUNTRY”
  57. Puts boyfriend, ex cop on witness stand when he is completely unrelated to the hearings
  58. Puts boyfriend on the civil stand when he is not on the witness list ordered to be delivered to all parties
  59. Has been known to breach human Rights of tenant and manipulate the courts
  60. Catherine Stewart has been known not to show for allegations against herself or her legal firm
  61. Stewart has been known to file vexatious court cases to delay or state its been dealt with elsewhere
  62. Catherine Stewart has been known not to pay court orders issued for not showing in court
  63. Catherine Stewart has been known not to pay court orders for motions she lost in court.
  64. Stewart has received confidential client information from LTB paralegal Howard Tavroges
  65. Catherine Stewart uses her property management website to openly threaten HR applicant
  66. Stewart has been known to give confidential court contact information to police for her own purposes
  67. Stewart has been known to change court documents at the Barrie courthouse illegally
  68. Stewart has been known not to file documents properly and complicates court hearings deliberately
  69. Stewart has been known to use Toronto lawyer David Strashin to manipulate HRTO proceedings
  70. Stewart is known to file Human Rights evidence past the given date by Registrar,Richard Hennessey
  71. Stewart is known to harass Human Rights applicants who file allegations against her and her boyfriend.
  72. Catherine Stewart and ex OPP Paul Smith, are known to use the Barrie & OPP to harass the HR applicant

Not a complete list and will be expanded with the many posts waiting approval.

After reading the many methods known to be used by the Barrie paralegal Catherine Stewart, and her little property management company, to manipulate legal proceedings, you can see the deliberate delays and the intentional refusal to pay court orders issued to her directly or to her landlord clients, only deliberately causes additional back log of honest legal cases not being heard in our courts.

The intentional court delays and refusal to pay court orders ends up costing the opposing parties a great deal of money and personal time to deal with her tactics.

Go to school for one year and buy your paralegal license today and fuck with the law !


Landlords VS Med Marihuanna Cases

Interesting posts to follow about the medical marihuana debates. In all the 5 years legally MMAR licenced, I personally never had an issue with anything until Ralph,Don and Bill Dykstra disclosed PRIVATE and confidential information to another long time family friend and tenant. Read the post that started all the court battles between a online blogger and  licenced Medical Marihuana participant and his landlord HERE.

We will add more as we find posts that we want to follow.

Interesting posts and events you might be like- Check them out:

From “cannabisculture.com” ~ Canadian med-pot harassment

From “rolliup.com” ~ Landlord coming into my apartment

From “forums.cannabisculture.com” ~ The legalities of renting/growing under MMAR

From ‘thestar.com” ~  Medical marijuana war heats up over grow op in Etobioke apartment

From “TokeoftheTown.com” ~ Feds drop case against medical marijuana dispensary landlord

From “Discussing the law: Online edition” Daniel Reitman ~ The Medical Marijuana Tenant – Concerns For The Landlord

Barrie’s Royal Lepage Reality fails to disclose marijuana grow houses to buyers

Royal Lepage Reality of Barrie, Ontario has been discovered to have not been revealing that property and houses

Marijuana Gro Ops not reported
24 Victoria Street-Barrie – Had Marijuana grow op

owned by Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra located at 24 Victoria Street and 40 Ellen Street Barrie Ontario were used for marijuana grow ops as paralegal Catherine Stewart states in her Barrie Civil Court claim against an ex tenant with a medical marijuana growing license issued from Health Canada.

February 2011 seen a drug raid by the Barrie City Drug Enforcement at 24 Victoria Street which seized over 100 marijuana plants and had arrested the tenant, Manny Portelli for illegally growing marijuana. The damage to the house was extensive as well as the marijuana smell, black mold and other damages.

Read the Freedom of Information request for 24 Victoria Street. Dykstra Bros Electric knew of the Drug raid on the unit but failed to disclose information to perspective buyers when showing of the unit began by Barrie royal Lepage.
View and read the PDF below containing the Barrie police reports concerning 24 Victoria Street and 40 Ellen Street.

View the Freedom of Information incident reports here :  24-Victoria-St-FOI-request

Page 7 of the FOI is Landlord Legal false statements to the Barrie police concerning the tenant legally allowed to grow medical marijuana and approved by Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of the former company Dykstra Bros Electric (now Gerard Dykstra Electric of Barrie, Ontario) after ex OPP officer, Paul Smith, enters the unit and photographs every inch in preparation for an eviction. This is against the Rules of the Landlord tenant Board as is a paralegal acting as a property manager representing the Dykstra’s in Barrie LTB. (Discussed in future posts in detail)

There was no professional clean up done to 24 Victoria Street but the three Dykstra owners, Ralph Dykstra, Bill Dykstra and Donald Dykstra chose to cover this up when they put the property on the market soon after the drug raid.

neighbors-friend-yelling-obscenitiesJuly 2014 seen a tenant evicted from 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario, when Walters Falls paralegal disguised as a Barrie property manager, Catherine A Stewart used her ex OPP boyfriend, Paul Smith, also of Walters Falls to enter the unit and photograph every inch with all the appliance serial numbers and tenants personal items and property in preparation to evict him.

Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc. files a civil claim against the legal marijuana grower living at 40 Ellen Street for nearly 5 years and mentions her having to file the units with the MARIJUANA GRO OP REGISTRY in her statements in the Dykstra’s Civil Cases but fails to have the two houses listed as a potential Health risk in the GRO OP REGISTRY with warnings to future buyers of the Dykstra Bros 24 Victoria Street and 40 Ellen Street properties.

Ralph Dykstra of Dykstra Bros ElectricThe Dykstra’s had originally given written authorization to the tenant to allow the marijuana grow op but after another tenant, Nancy Groves, got involved, Human rights allegations were filed against the 3 Dykstra brothers and the paralegal / Property manager, Catherine April Stewart along with her boyfriend and ex OPP officer Paul Smith. The tenant was allowed to grow upwards of 60 medical marijuana plants with a license issued from Health Canada before the program was shut down by Health Canada and Constitutionally challenged in the Supreme Court.

Catherine Stewart filed a Civil claim for $25,000 for damages against the ex tenant after she evicted the legal medical marijuana tenant for her clients Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Brother Electric of Barrie Ontario.

Catherine-StewartCatherine April Stewart is also known to file vexatious claims against Privacy Violators but failed to appear many times, dragged it on for 2 1/2 years in the wrong court and stated she was going to take her issue to Supreme Court, but neglected to do so.

The Barrie Civil Court ignored the Speedy Trial request which was upheld in one motion but ignored and proceeded for 2 1/2 wasted years without a single trial but many motions against her methods used during the course of her wasting the Civil courts time.

Barrie Court HouseThe Civil Court has no jurisdiction to shut this website down or make any demand for any posts to be removed without a proper court order.Barrie’s Civil Judge Kalwosky takes the paralegal, Catherine Stewart to his chambers during court proceedings, but neglects to have the opposing parties attend the meeting. It is further alleged Judge Kalwosky had made notes in the courts files against the tenant after he had discussed matters in his chambers violating the rules in the Justices Act for presiding judges. Another corrupt man in the Barrie Civil court system in our opinion !! We are still searching for a photo of Judge Kalwosky to post online with the allegations but will posts his ruling from the motions brought forward from the tenant.

If Catherine Stewart wants any article on Privacy-Violators.com modified, she did not contact us to do so or file her claim in the Supreme Court since August 2014.

The Speedy Trial requested of the Barrie Civil courts should have ended the paralegals attempts at wasting valuable courts time for her and her ex OPP boyfriends, Paul Smiths own interests.The corrupt Barrie court system allowed this paralegal to waste many valuable hours of courts time which would have better served with real cases before the courts.

The son, Gerard Dykstra, of 94 Cardinal Street, Barrie, was one of the Dykstra’s that was using the long established  Dykstra Bros Electric company name but soon changed his company name to Gerard Dykstra, Licensed Electrician after the Human Rights allegations were filed against the three older Dykstra’s including his father.

You can read all the civil court claims, fail to appears, false evidence allegations and false testimony allegations signed by the paralegal and the Dykstra’s throughout the 3 year court ordeal that followed all the way to the Human Rights Tribunal heard by HRTO paid member Mary Truemner.

Write your letters to Barrie Royal Lepage, showing your disgust and the distrust of the Barrie, Ontario Reality firm for not disclosing the marijuana gro op properties and associated mold and health risks at 24 Victoria Street and 40 Ellen Street, Barrie Ontario, owned by the Barrie Dykstra Brothers, Ralph, Donald and William Dykstra to their perspective buyers.

Marijuana Gro Ops not reported
24 Victoria Street-Barrie

In our opinion, you can not trust Barrie’s Royal Lepage, Paralegal & Property Manager Catherine Stewart, ex OPP officer Paul Smith, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Donald Dykstra and Gerard Dykstra of Barrie to reveal the Health risks presented by the Marijuana Gro Ops from their property as Catherine Stewart makes in her initial claims of her Civil suit against the Barrie tenant.The Civil documentation will be uploaded soon for the public to view and decide for themselves what kind of people these characters are and the manipulation done by the paralegal in our Ontario Courts and our joke of a justice system.

Follow all the privacy stories that may concern your rights here on privacy-violators.com and let us know your opinion and encounters with David Strashin of Toronto, Catherine Stewart, and ex OPP officer and boyfriend Paul Smith from Walters Falls, Ontario.

Contact us if you would like copies of any legal document presented or talked about on our website if you feel it will help your case against RIGHT VIOLATORS.

Catherine Stewart is a self proclaimed “Landlord Rights only” and calls herself the “Terminator”.

Follow our upcoming posts that discuss the LTB Rules, the Law Society Rules and we have recently started and named the “Stewart Solution” to better educate the public on the willingness of a one year CTI paralegal graduate to break the laws and court procedures and rules to further their own interests in the name of Landlord Only Rights !

How do you claim to defend landlords rights when you violate other peoples rights, especially tenants.

This new “Tenant Rights” advocate has just begun to discuss the injustice in our system and the Law Society of Upper Canada ignorance of the peoples rights when they need to be protected from people like this.

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario…What a joke.

After a long needed vacation and a trip across Canada, the writer is ready to discuss the Human Rights allegations and evidence that were brought up against a Walters Falls paralegal, Catherine April Stewart and her ex OPP officer boyfriend, Paul Smith, also of Walters Falls and can now be brought online to the attention of the public to see the injustice that is allowed in our Ontario court system from the Barrie Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) to the Barrie Civil Courts all the way to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) and the neglect of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) to investigate the legitimate complaints filed by Canadian Citizens.

The HRTO allegations referred to are against paralegal & property manager Catherine April Stewart and ex OPP officer Paul Smith from HRTO file number 17699-14.You can request any of the documentation found here on our website from us at privacy violators or apply under the Freedom of Information with any of the file numbers given.

Along with Human Rights violations alleged and admitted to the wrong doing by the HRTO were allegations of false documents entered into evidence from Paul Smith which were notarized and witnessed by his paralegal girlfriend, Catherine Stewart who also represented the ex OPP officer and herself at the hearing until she admitted in April 2016 that, and I quote “she knows nothing of the Human Rights process” as we waited for her new lawyer, David Stashin to arrive at the hearing 2 1/2 hours later.

The false evidence allegations against Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith that was filed with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario had been ignored even though the applicant had filed the proper documents to HRTO stating the evidence did not exist at the North Toronto LTB office. The original evidence submitted as well as all the correspondence from the HRTO is to be uploaded for the public to see what paralegals can manipulate in our Ontario courts.

Walters Falls paralegal, Catherine April Stewart refused to proceed at the scheduled HRTO hearing until David Stashin arrived to take over after she herself submitted false evidence and testimony to which she herself signed with her Commissioner of Oaths Stamp for her own allegations against her and her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith.


Catherine April Stewart lives in Walters Falls and is a paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.
Catherine April Stewart is also a property manager running her paralegal and property management company from a small cubicle office from 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie Ontario.

The paralegal uses Landlord Legal inc for her paralegal services and signs Catherine April Stewart when working in this capacity.

The paralegal uses a property management company called Landlord Legal which is known to sign April Stewart when working in this capacity.

The property manager is a self proclaimed “LANDLORD RIGHTS ADVOCATE ONLY” and uses her Landlord Legal website to announce she is the self proclaimed”TERMINATOR”

The Landlord Legal website owned by Catherine Stewart is known to publicly threaten a tenant who had filed Human Rights allegations against her and her known boyfriend.

The property manager sends out “Do not Contact” and “Do not Trespass” letters without a letterhead making it look like it came from a legal office but was from the property manager capacity.

The paralegal is breaking rules of the Law Society by working in this conflict of interest positions as a paralegal and a property manager.

The paralegal is breaking rules of the Landlord and Tenant board when she represents landlords because she is a property manager but neglects to tell the opposing parties or the Landlord and Tenant Board she is also a paralegal and does not fit the definition of a “LANDORD” in the LTB courts but rather states she is a “Landlord Representative”.

Catherine April Stewart is known to sign April Stewart as a property manager, even with legal court documents when her legal name is Catherine April Stewart.

Catherine April Stewart is also known to use her ex OPP officer boyfriend, Paul Smith to do illegal searches of tenants residences and to sign her Commissioner of Oaths Stamp to testimony from her OPP alliance to further her clients interests.

The upcoming posts are going to be many, to put the truth online and the truth behind the corruption that is allowed in the Ontario Provincial Police force, the Barrie City Police force, the Barrie Civil Courts, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the well known tactics used by many paralegals that are swept under the rug from the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Privacy Violators will post the evidence used, documents submitted, and the testimony and methods used by paralegals like Catherine April Stewart disguising themselves as property managers but practice Law openly, getting away with breaking the Rules, Laws and Rights set in place for people that honor the laws and rights of Ontario citizens.

Privacy Violators website has received many emails concerning paralegal / property manager Catherine Stewart and Toronto lawyer, David Strashin and will be discussing the tactics they have used in the past and the Law Society complaints that were filed against them and ignored by the LSUC.

Privacy Violators has also learned of other complaints filed with the LSUC against David Strashin and Catherine Stewart but there is no records of any of the complaints filed on their Law Society profiles, including the complaints filed July 2014 against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc misrepresenting herself as Landlord Legal, property manager.

New complaints to the Law Society of Upper Canada are being filed against these individuals and will be well watched by Privacy Violators and other websites that have expressed interested in these stories being ignored by the so called protectors of our rights.

The truth is the Human Rights Tribunal is the biggest joke in Ontario and the details to prove this will develop over the next few weeks on our website with all the documentation and communications that transpired for HRTO file numbers 17699-14 and Dykstra Bros Electric HRTO 16250-13.

The HRTO admits the applicant was not treated fairly and quite frankly the process was a joke and the evidence that will be uploaded is there for you to make your own judgement with the HRTO system in place.

All lives matter..bullshit..not in Ontario Human Rights !!

PDF of Aprill 22/2016 Case Assessment from Human Rights Tribunal heard from Mary Truemner
HRTO 17699-13 & HRTO 16250-13 (10 pages)

Open the PDF below page 5 paragraph 8 & 9 to view admission from the HRTO on the unfairness of the hearings from HRTO representative, Mary Truemner.

Open the PDF file below to view the contents of the communication from Mary Truemner, pay attention to page 6 concerning “Absolute Privilege” which will be discussed at length in further posts.

Open the PDF and view page 8 paragraphs 17,18,19 to read on how paralegals can do and say anything and get away with it even when it comes to Human rights in Ontario.


All evidence, documentation and testimony as well as ALL Case Assessment Direction received for the Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra will be uploaded for the public to view, read and gain their own opinions of what a joke the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario really is.

All evidence, documentation, emails, Do not trespass, Do not Contact, email communications and testimony signed and sworn from paralegal / property manager Catherine April Stewart will be uploaded for the public to see what a joke our court system is.

All false evidence and false testimony submitted from paralegal Catherine Stewart for her own allegations and that of her ex OPP boyfriend will be uploaded for the public to view and get their own opinion of the Ontario Court system and the Law Society of Upper Canada and realize the joke we all face.

If the Human Rights can not protect and honor my rights, and constantly allow paralegals to manipulate a system after going to a CTI school for one year and BUY THEIR PARALEGAL LICENSES, I will be god damned if I honor any other minority, gay, lesbian, fag, black, Hispanic, woman’s movement or anyone else’s rights !!


Tell me that after reading all the HRTO claims and evidence  brought against Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie and an ex OPP officer and his paralegal girlfriend, Catherine April Stewart disguised as a property manager.

I sincerely mean it when I say ” FUCK the corrupt police, FUCK the corrupt Ontario Court System and FUCK the corrupt Human Rights Tribunal and FUCK the corrupt Law Society of Upper Canada” it is a waste of your time.

I hope they all rot in HELL for their known injustices they participate in and constantly overlook.

In our opinion you are better off dealing with it your own way, it will be faster, cheaper and let them do the work of proving allegations against you for your actions.

Read the upcoming posts we named “The Stewart Solution” where LTB Rules and Regulations are discussed as well as the Law Society of Upper Canada methods of investigating complaints and their Rules and Regulations they ignore when they are suppose to enforce and protect us.

The only persons protected by the Law Society of Upper Canada are themselves, and the paralegals and lawyers that pay the fee to be a member for their protection. They do not care that false evidence, false testimony and laws like, break and enter occur or the victims of the paralegals who knowingly break the rules and the laws set out for citizens but not for them.

There are a lot of posts to open the public’s eyes to the corrupt system from the Police forces involved, Civil Courts,Human Rights Tribunal and the Law Society of Upper Canada and this new “Tenant Rights Advocate” will not stop until the entire truth is known publicly of our “JOKE OF A SYSTEM” and the corrupt paralegals who knowingly break the laws and rules set out for the rest of us !!

We welcome all your input, opinions and any new information concerning David Strashin, Catherine Stewart, Paul Smith, Ralph Dykstra, Donald Dykstra, William Dykstra and any paralegal known to break rules or laws for their own gains.

Send all your emails, notes, photos, documents and file numbers to us at : admin@privacy-violators.com

You are the only one that can protect your rights, not this corrupt system they call justice.. ALL LIVES MATTER but not at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunals or the Human Rights Commission !!


Did Dykstra’s reveal Marijuana Grow Op houses to Royal Lepage reality ?

In well documented court battles on our website, that lasted three years and went from 4 Landlord and Tenant Board hearings in 2013 to vexatious civil cases in 2014 being filed, to the 2 Human Rights allegation hearings brought against Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Barrie’s Dykstra Bros Electric and ex OPP retired officer Paul T Smith and his paralegal / property manager girlfriend Catherine A Stewart there has been no mention of their claims it was listed in the Marijuana Grow registry as stated in civil court by Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal inc.

24 Victoria Street-Barrie - Had Marijuana grow op bust
24 Victoria Street-Barrie – Had Marijuana grow op busted May 2012

The home at 24 Victoria Street was raided May 2012 and found over a 100 marijuana plants growing in the basement. The young mother, Diana T had several young kids living there and was left with the mess to clean up after Dykstra’s did nothing about the mold and mess left after the grow op was dismantled bagged and taken away. The home at 24 Victoria Street has been listed for sale by the owners, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric and has been listed by a realtor working for Royal Lepage, with no mention of the May 2013 marijuana bust or the excessive mess and mold problems left after the grow op dismantled.

Barrie policeThe Barrie police incident report provided willingly by Diana T is discussed in another upcoming posts after Dykstra evict Diana and her kids from 24 Victoria Street and later added her as a witness to their civil claims. We will post an interview we did with Diana detailing her eviction and why she would never have been a witness for the Barrie Slum lords for their civil case after being named as a witness by Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc for their trial.

Dystra house on Victoria St BarrieThe Dyksta’s also own 40 Ellen Street, Barrie Ontario that was used by the tenant that lived there to grow legal medical marijuana for disability purposes. There are many posts on Privacy Violators website that discuss the methods used by Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal during the legal battle to have the tenant evicted. The tenant had filed Human Rights allegations against Dykstra Bros Electric and Landlord legal after his Human rights were violated.

The Human Rights Tribunal hearing, mediation, evidence and testimony entered by Catherine Stewart of landlord Legal inc is discussed in detail to educate the public on the lies told by the HRTO and the alleged methods unbecoming a paralegal that are being filed  again for a complete investigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada by the ex tenant. Privacy Violators website will continue to update the progress of the LSUC complaints being lodged against Catherine A Stewart of Landlord legal inc and the owner of Landlord Legal property management company working for landlords only.

Follow our posts concerning Landlords who fail to disclose to the realtors, the two houses that failed to be placed on the Marijuana Gro Op Registry list and were used for extensive marijuana grow ops, putting the potential home buyer in danger of possible health risks associated with marijuana gro ops and additional costs to repair the damage done by the pot growers.

Marijuana gro op bust
Royal Lepage list 2 marijuana grow homes for Dykstra brothers

Did Royal Lepage know ahead of time the units were gro ops, yes indeed, the ex tenant had sent a letter to them when he was evicted and Catherine Stewart stated in court the damage done and the mold issues and how the Dykstras had to now list the homes as potential dangers to the buyer but continued to list the properties.

Privacy Violators sent a potential home buyer to the home listed by Royal Lepage to see if any details of the marijuana bust or gro ops would be mentioned by the selling realtor, and it was not brought up by the realtor at all.We will be releasing the interview about the buyer, details that were discussed and his overall feelings of purchasing a marijuana gro op house.



Bill Dykstra
Bill Dykstra
Ralph Dykstra
Ralph Dykstra
Don Dykstra
Don Dykstra
Nancy Aikens mother (involved neighbor)
Nancy Groves/Aikens

Follow our new posts about further details of the marijuana gro op registry that was proposed by the police.

Follow our posts about Realtors rights and responsibilities to the seller and the buyer of marijuana gro op homes.



OPP harass citizens on behalf of retired OPP cop and paralegal girlfriend

oppIt has come to our attention that the Ontario Provincial Police and the Barrie city police are continuing to waste tax payers money and police department time and resources to continue to harass a Canadian citizen who had filed Human Rights complaints against a Barrie paralegal (landlord only advocate) , Catherine April Stewart and her retired Ontario Provincial Police officer boyfriend, Paul T Smith. (HRTO#17699-14).

A phone call from the ex tenant said his friend who had delivered legal documents on his behalf in Aug 2015, to an address that was on file with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for allegations against Catherine Stewart and ex cop Paul Smith was later confronted and interviewed on camera by the Barrie Police when Catherine Stewart tried to have the ex tenant arrested for trespassing.The interview and the attending Barrie police officers notes and incident reports will be obtained, uploaded and discussed when time permits.
It appears the Barrie paralegal who openly threatened the Human Rights applicant on her website, and her boyfriend, a retired ex OPP cop are using the services of the OPP to once again harass the TENANT RIGHTS ADVOCATE and his friends for their own purposes !.
Bobby G was harassed by the Barrie police Aug 2015, from prior false complaints to Barrie police, from Landlord Legal owner, Catherine-StewartCatherine A Stewart (real legal name)  and stated to us that he was approached by the OPP May 18th 2016, and interviewed concerning further false allegations by overweight female OPP officer and her male plain clothes OPP partner.The first interview was verbal and after discussing at length in their vehicle approached him again to do a video interview which we will obtain and upload for our readers to view as well.
Bobby G stated he felt that he was being harassed by the OPP as well when all he did was deliver legal documents to 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie,Ontario for a pending Human Rights Hearing against C A Stewart and her boyfriend Paul T Smith.

The Barrie paralegal,licensed by the LSUC, has filed several false allegations in the past and has many times abused and wasted the taxpayers money using the Barrie police and now the Ontario Provincial Police to manipulate her causes.

All allegations will be listed with the attending officers names, their field notes and any video if available and or the incident report that attaches to any and all Catherine Stewart’s complaints, and will be listed in one complete post to give the reader a sense of the manipulation that goes on when her retired ex OPP boyfriend (and Private Investigator) Paul T Smith and the paralegal / property management company use the police to harass people engaged in litigation against her company or her landlord clients.
Barrie_Police_CruiserBarrie police officers Turner and Melanie Beard stood and watched as Catherine Stewart ordered Paul Robertson and his son Cody of Central Lock and Key of Barrie, to cut the security chain and enter 40 Ellen Street Barrie Ontario after being told she did not have the legal documents or the right to enter the unit and the tenants friend was inside, scared and confused as to the Barrie police witnessing the break in.
Barrie police officer Detective Steeles failed to investigate complaints of false evidence being entered into Civil proceedings and Human Rights Hearings by Catherine April Stewart and Paul Smith for the allegations against them in HRTO#17699-14. The Human Rights applicant had filed an Order during a proceeding with the HRTO when Paul Smith signed a Certificate of Service for his girlfriend, failed to have it stamped or received on file it at the North Toronto LTB office as a legal document, but Catherine Stewart enters it into Human Rights evidence, Civil Court evidence and the Privacy Commissioner complaints (discussed in full in upcoming posts).
Catherine A Stewart has the ability to claim “ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE” as a paralegal representing landlords only. She uses this privilege even when she is working in conflict with her property management company. The LSUC is about to receive a list of complaints from the ex tenant to review and decide if Catherine Stewart has been in conflict of interest and acted in ways unbecoming a paralegal of the Law Society of Upper Canada and we will be following all the complaints until dealt with. She has been using the police to harass the tenant further after she openly threatened to have him arrested on her website Follow the and the Barrie police again doing nothing to stop the ongoing and now public harassment.: LANDLORD LEGAL WEBSITE – THREATS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS APPLICANT
Central lock and key enters unit illegallyThe tenant had filed LTB complaints against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and Dykstra Bros Electric for the illegal entry and attempted illegal lock change but Catherine Stewart and Dykstra Bros Electric failed to show up after she sent another paralegal, named in upcoming posts, to state she was “OUT OF THE COUNTRY” for the September 2013 Landlord and tenant board hearing.
Read another interesting post her : LANDLORD LEGAL OF BARRIE DEALS IN BAD FAITH…DO NOT TRUST !
Catherine Stewart never has to prove she was out of the country or the other paralegal knowingly stated this, knowing it was false.The Law Society complaints for the illegal break ins were filed by the ex tenant and were dismissed August 2013 by David Cass of the LSUC when Stewart claimed there was ongoing litigation, which there was none, until she filed her vexatious civil cases against the tent Oct 2013.The upcoming LSUC complaints will be posted and comments will be turned on for some of the upcoming posts to get readers opinions on the abuse and manipulation going on in our legal system.Stewart has since been alleged to have entered false evidence, false testimony and tampered with Barrie Civil Court files.

These are just some of the allegations being asked to investigate when a property manager is a paralegal representing her landlord clients in all court rooms. Catherine Stewart is known to give seminars on how to use section s20 of the LTB Rules to enter and photograph a tenants unit amung other topics she teaches landlords, other paralegals ,investors and realtors to manipulate the system.

Catherine Stewart does not allow any tenants to enter the building at 117 Bayfield Street, even though she claims to be a property manager. A tenant can not contact the property manager when she forbids contact or entry to her property management business she uses as her legal office as well. That tells you a lot of her intentions towards the tenants and the rental units she is suppose to be managing on behalf of these landlords.As a property manager and paralegal, Catherine Stewart should not have been allowed to represent many of the past LTB hearings she has participated in.We will be discussing the rules of procedures and the definition of a LANDLORD REPRESENTATIVE and a LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE and how this is used to manipulate the LTB board in Barrie in future posts.

The Landlord only advocate uses her paralegal status and the absolute privilege rule, which posts are to be released soon, for purposes of knowingly manipulating for her landlord clients and the Law Society has done nothing as of yet to investigate the conflict of interest and the true intentions of this 1 year CTI college participant after obtaining her paralegal license through them.One year of CTI and can say and do anything she wants as a property manager and still claim paralegal status, wow..thats a conflict of interest and strips any rights to the tenants under the LTB Act and the Human Rights Code.

The Canadian citizen who has taken a public stance, and became a TENANT ONLY ADVOCATE who is against the methods used by the self proclaimed LANDLORD ONLY ADVOCATE, Catherine April Stewart, who use her paralegal status to manipulate the Barrie police, Barrie Civil Courts, Barrie Landlord and Tenant Board hearings, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario hearings, Privacy Commissioner of Canada investigation and now the Ontario Provincial Police.

Catherine Stewart of the paralegal firm Landlord Legal inc also owns Landlord Legal property management company at 117 Bayfield Street,Barrie, Ontario and she only represents landlord clients.

Catherine April Stewart is known to sign as C A Stewart when working as a paralegal licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Catherine Stewart is known to sign April Stewart for any documents in the LTB tribunals, Barrie Civil Courts,Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario as the property management company representing a landlord.

We will be discussing in upcoming posts, the Rules under the Business Act that pertain to misrepresentation of a business and the proper signing of your legal name to documents represented by an incorporated business.

We will be discussing in upcoming posts, the Law Society of Upper Canada Rules and their Policies concerning the registration of businesses that have a :CONFLICT OF INTEREST” with the paralegal license and businesses ran incorporated.

We will be discussing in full, the ethical paralegal method versus the well known Sharp Practice that has been commonly used in the Ontario court system wasting time, money and legal frustration.

** We will be posting and discussing all the Law Society of Upper Canada Rules of Conduct and the Rules of Procedures that ethical paralegals are supposed to know and follow when you are a licensed member representing the Law Society of Upper Canada.

For now take a look at this post here “PARALEGALS AND WHAT IS KNOWN AS SHARP PRACTICE” to get an idea why someone needs to take a stand and bring particular details to the public spotlight and attention.
Follow our upcoming posts we are developing :

How a 1 year CTI diploma for paralegal means break the law and get away with it !

How to get a paralegal license in only one year through CTI college.

What can I do with a CTI college diploma and details of their paralegal course offered.



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