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Corrupt Barrie Police fail to investigate ex OPP officer Paul Smith for impersonating as Private Investigator and violating tenant Constitutional Rights to privacy !

When the public and especially tenants in general have issues with violations to their privacy, break and enters and the methods used by their landlords and illegal practices from paralegals such as Catherine Stewart of Walter’s Falls & Barrie Ontario, where do they go for protection ?

Normally ANY citizen of Canada or a tenant would call the police for help, file a complaint at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) or possibly file their allegations with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) or exercise all three possibilities according to their rights.

Many complaints of paralegal Catherine Stewart’s illegal practices, of break and enter, illegal searches, constant harassment of a HRTO applicant, entering false testimony, entering false evidence have all gone to the Barrie police to investigate from a tenant who had filed many complaints and allegations against Catherine Stewart and alleged retired and decorated ex OPP officer and boyfriend Paul Smith.

Barrie policeThe corrupt Barrie police force has failed to act on many allegations filed against the ex cop and his girlfriend paralegal without a single officer investigating any of the complaints. There is no protection for the HRTO applicant or ANY investigation done by the corrupt Barrie police force when dealing with one of their own and this alleged ex OPP officer.

Complaints to the OPP Commissioner have gone un answered as to the alleged possible corruption when Paul Smith was supposedly an Ontario Provincial Police officer.

If Paul Smith willingly and knowing constantly violates the Landlord and Tenant Act, privacy rights and our Constitutional Rights as Canadians for his paralegal girlfriend, what illegal actions did he do when he was with the Ontario Provincial Police?

  1. Barrie police officers Melanie Beard and T Turner witnessed Catherine Stewart break into 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario
  2. Barrie police Detective Steeles ignored complaints of impersonating a PI, false evidence and false evidence submitted by Paul Smith to courts
  3. Barrie police Detective Steeles also harassed a Human rights applicant over false reports from paralegal Stewart and ex OPP boyfriend
  4. Barrie police did nothing to stop or investigate the B & E complaint the tenant tried to file
  5. Barrie police failed to investigate the paralegals gestapo style illegal property management tactics
  6. Barrie police failed to investigate paralegal Catherine Stewart violating tenant Constitutional Rights !!
  7. Barrie police failed to investigate the illegal practices of Paul Smith violating TENANT PRIVACY under the LTB Act !!
  8. Barrie police failed to investigate the illegal practices of Stewart as a paralegal violating TENANT PRIVACY RIGHTS !!
  9. Barrie police called the HRTO several times from a cell number that was ONLY ON FILE for HRTO matters against C A Stewart and Paul Smith
  10. Paralegal Stewart gave the Barrie Police the applicants confidential cell number that was to be used for HRTO court matters only
  11. The Barrie police & the OPP failed to investigate harassment allegations brought to them concerning Stewart and the ex OPP officer
  12. Barrie police and the OPP failed to investigate complaints of the false testimony entered from Stewart’s ex cop boyfriend numerous times
  13. Barrie police failed to investigate complaints of false evidence entered into civil matters and the HRTO allegations against the pair
  14. Barrie police failed to investigate or STOP THE CONSTANT HARASSMENT form C A Stewart and ex OPP officer Paul Smith
  15. Barrie police failed to investigate Paul Smith from personally contacting applicant, serving documents or harassing the HRTO applicant

Police chief Kimberly Greenwood, of the Barrie city police, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Vince Hawkes, Human Rights Commissioner Renu Mandhane along with the Canadian Law Society have all failed to protect many rights given to Canadian citizens and continue to ignore and put under the rug, any legitimate complaints brought forth by Canadian citizens against this alleged ex Ontario provincial police officer !!

A quote is stated below from Detective Steeles when he threatened to put out a warrant on a Human Rights applicant over allegations the ex tenant was appearing at the open forum at the Barrie LTB board where Catherine Stewart was defending a landlord illegally according to the LTB Act 2006 ! Stewart complained to the Barrie police the ex tenant was attending the LTB hearings in Barrie which is his right to do so ANYTIME he wants to as it is a PUBLIC and OPEN hearing.The Barrie police had NO REASON to harass the ex tenant and Human Rights applicant for attending LTB hearings. Detective Steele also ignored the false evidence claims and the false testimony claims when the applicant tried to have Catherine Stewart and her ex cop boyfriend charged with the offenses.The FOI with Turner, Beards and Steeles police reports will be posted for the public to view.

Detective Steele did not do ANY INVESTIGATION into the allegations made concerning the harassment, false evidence and false statement claims brought up against Smith & Stewart but did threaten to have a warrant issued for the applicant for attending LTB hearing. WOW Barrie police justice is far between and completely corrupt !!

Barrie police Detective Steeles quote to a Human Rights applicant ;

It is a HICCUP of the law

The Freedom of Information act allowed the harassed citizen to retrieve copies of police reports filed by Beard, Turner and Steeles along with other Barrie police officers who allegedly harassed the human Rights applicant and his friends when trying to find false allegations to press charges against the applicant to further help the ex OPP officer and ignore the legitimate complaints filed with them concerning severe harassment and breaches of court conduct when in legal and court issues involving Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith personally.

We will be posting every Freedom Of Information report that has been obtained from every police force involved and every pertinent file from the Human Rights Tribunal to expose the truth about Catherine Stewart, Paul Smith, our legal system and the police protection that we are suppose to have as citizens in Canada.

Entering FALSE EVIDENCE and SUBMITTING FALSE TESTIMONY is a CRIMINAL offense as is BREAK & ENTER and HARASSMENT in Canada unless the Barrie police and the OPP protect the guilty parties involved and cover up the allegations concerning these people.The Barrie police DO NOT PROTECT THE PUBLIC but only cover up and ignore complaints that are filed with them and then contact the alleged parties to inform them of the complaints that were attempted to be filed so they can fix their problems.

Catherine Stewart and ex OPP officer Paul Smith committed illegal acts when they pretend to be a Private Investigator, enter false evidence and false testimony to protect their own asses of the Human Rights allegations that were filed against them for violating a tenants god given rights that are suppose to be protected by the Human Rights Commission.

Paul Smith is known to make false statements and Catherine Stewart his paralegal girlfriend puts her commissioner stamp on it to make the lies official and the way she needs it to evict defenseless tenants all the while NOT LEGAL to represent landlords in Landlord and Tenant board hearings as she does not fit the definition of a “landlord”. Stewart is known to use the phrase “Landlord Representative” in LTB and sign the illegal name APRIL STEWART instead of her given name and legal name stated with the LSUC which is CATHERINE STEWART !! BEWARE OF THE FRAUD TACTICS IN LTB. Stewart is also known NOT TO GIVE DISCLOSURE for LTB hearings, do not allow this injustice to continue with this scum who is a self proclaimed “terminator” . Tenants have rights that are constantly violated by this property manager who is a paralegal illegally acting on behalf of LANDLORDS ONLY in LTB matters. Bring this non disclosure and fraud tactics up to the LTB judge hearing your case and file your complaint with the LSUC and then contact us to follow your story publicly.

New complaints have been filed with the Law Society concerning Catherine Stewart tampering with Civil court documents and entering false evidence and false testimony into the Human Rights allegations she was accused of. Past complaints filed against Stewart were ignored when David Cass, intake worker for the LSUC dismissed complaints when Stewart lied about ongoing court cases when there was none presently before the courts at that time. Stewart had submitted no evidence to David Cass when he dismissed the complaints blindly.

We have received several emails about complaints to the LSUC filed against paralegals and lawyers mentioned in several of our public interest stories, and David Cass has been at the center of a couple of the complaints and dismissed them as well without proof or justifications for his actions. The complaints that we know for sure that have been filed have not showed on the paralegals public record at all after David Cass puts them under the rug and fails to protect the public.

The LSUC is more concerned that paralegals pay their yearly fees to them than they are in protecting the public from paralegals who openly and knowingly break the law and the Rules of Conduct set out by the LSUC. We will be writing further about the complaints filed and the LSUC Rules and Regulations that are suppose to be in place so the public can see the real truth about our legal system. The truth will scare you more than you think if you think we live in a FREE Canada.

David Cass is protecting Lawyers and Paralegals from complaints that are legitimately filed against paralegals and Lawyers without justifying his reasons or the persons providing proof of their claims they make to protect themselves. The Law Society itself is a self run body that only protects lawyers and paralegals from the complaints that are shoved aside without proof or justification and never heard.

Privacy Violators has evidence of at least 4 other complaints filed with the LSUC against Stewart but there is no records of ANY complaints being filed including Break & Enter complaints filed in 2013 from a Barrie tenant. The Law Society intake process is as crooked as the cops when they do not protect the public from the Hard Practices of paralegals who knowingly break the laws for their clients. This leaves only one option for tenants when coming across these low life paralegals and that is to defend yourself to the max because the system is rigged against you.

We will be publishing options you can choose to use when dealing with Catherine Stewart who knowingly breaks the law in front of the Barrie police and got away with it until the new complaints are heard and the results published here on Privacy Violators website for the public to learn of the corrupt system. We actually live in a communist Canada when a one year graduate becomes a paralegal and can knowingly break laws and get away with it.

Your privacy and your live is exposed when dealing with SCUM (in our opinion) like Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith !!

Read the new series we have for you entitled “THE STEWART SOLUTION”

The Barrie police are as corrupt as they come and do not have any interest in investigating an ex Ontario Police officer which has never been confirmed. This ex OPP officer claimed to be a decorated officer but no records were ever found that he was ever in the OPP or a decorated officer and the statements they put into court were never backed with any documentation to prove there claims about Paul Smith.

Tenants rights, Human Rights applicants, Landlord & Tenant Board applicants and many Canadian citizens who have filed complaints against this paralegal and her ex cop boyfriend, who to this day still operate the illegal property management firm, with the protection of the police and with only one purpose and intention, TO EVICT THE TENANT FOR THEIR LANDLORD CLIENTS !!


The truth is paralegals like Catherine Stewart, who act as a paralegal for Landlords only, and operate illegal property manager businesses with her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith, have NO RIGHTS to privacy and lose all their rights when it comes to the corrupt court system in Ontario, Canada.Stewart constantly uses her boyfriends ex OPP status when dealing with the police making them reluctant to investigate one of their own and ignoring citizens rights.

oppEx OPP officer, Paul Smith has been alleged to have been impersonating a Private Investigator status for over 5 years illegally, and still has not been investigated for making claims and entering statements and evidence as such when he was not legal to be acting as a private investigator for his paralegal girlfriend operating a scam to commit fraud in the LTB matters she represents landlords at illegally under the LTB ACT 2006 !!. Another matter ignored by the Barrie city police and the OPP commissioner.

Paralegal Catherine Stewart operates this property management company, Landlord Legal, out of a small cubicle style office located in Barrie, Ontario from 117 Bayfield Street. Stewart has been known to move her property management office frequently as she does NOT ALLOW TENANTS to enter her property management office under any circumstance.

Normal and legitimate property management companies would have the obligation to address tenant issues and other matters that would come up from the tenants of the landlords they represent.Stewart does not allow tenant contact, even for emergencies, she has always acted as a fraudulent property manager and abusing her paralegal status to harass tenants rights and privacy with intentions to evict them.Stewart lies on her website when she claims she sold her property management company which she operates from Barrie Ontario.

Privacy Violators has filed information with the Canada Revenue Services claiming Catherine Stewart has not paid taxes for her illegal property management company since 2006, which she rolled into one company, her paralegal services. Tax fraud is also another allegation brought up to the Canada Revenue Services concerning Landlord Legal !!


Quoted from Catherine Stewart’s illegal property management company website

About Us

Landlord Legal was officially launched in Barrie, Ontario, in 2006 by our founder C. April Stewart, who discovered through her property management company, Barrie Rentals Inc., that no one seemed to be advocating in a meaningful way for landlords. She was troubled by the treatment landlords received from tenants, the legislators, and the Board, and set out to level the playing field. She sold her management business and began her quest for landlord justice, which continues to date. Stewart’s passion for landlord’s rights has led to industry awards, national media coverage, and speaking engagements to hundreds of landlords throughout Ontario. Our firm represents landlords only!

Our Services
 We provide advocacy and representation to residential landlords only, anywhere in Ontario. We specialize in evicting problem tenants, and defending landlords against tenant initiated litigation. We represent landlords at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). We also provide educational seminars to landlords, real estate agents, investors and investment clubs, that are as entertaining as they are informative! Imagine the stories we can tell around here!

This is NOT the case when dealing with the illegal property management offices of paralegal Catherine Stewart !

  1. She uses illegal ownership name of April Stewart in LTB matters when acting as property manager under Landlord Legal
  2. She uses legal name of Catherine Stewart when acting as a paralegal for landlords under Landlord Legal.inc
  3. Catherine Stewart openly uses the self appointed term of “The Terminator”, as property manager and paralegal !!
  4. Has TENANT DO NOT ENTER SIGNS on property management door
  6. Sends letters, threats and warnings to tenants to EMAIL her their issues ONLY !
  7. Has been known to break into tenants house with the Barrie police watching and doing absolutely nothing
  8. Barrie police were an accessory to the break and enter when they witnessed it and took no actions !
  9. Has been known to openly threaten a tenant and HRTO applicant on her property management website
  10. Has EMAIL ONLY REGISTRATION forms available only from her website http://www.landlordlegal.ca for her illegal services
  11. Does not and will not accept communications for tenant emergencies or complaints or any issues
  12. Will NOT ADDRESS TENANT ISSUES for her landlord clients she represents
  13. Uses her alleged retired ex OPP officer boyfriend-husband to do illegal searches of tenants unit
  14. Has been known to use false testimony from ex OPP boyfriend in LTB, privacy commissioner complaints, Civil Court and HRTO
  15. Has been known to enter false evidence into HRTO matters filed against Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart
  16. has been known to sign LTB agreements for her landlord clients under April Stewart numerous times
  17. Has been known numerous times NOT TO HONOR any AGREEMENT she signs as April Stewart property manager
  18. Is NOT LEGAL to represent landlords as both property manager and paralegal in LTB matters.
  19. Breaches constitutional rights and the LTB Act using Paul Smith to photograph tenants houses, apartments
  20. Is only HIRED to EVICT THE TENANT not act as a legal property manager for landlords only
  21. Violates the Landlord and Tenant Act when representing landlords as she does not fit the definition of as such in LTB court

Does any of the few points already mentioned sound like Catherine Stewart operates a legitimate property management firm. How and why does the Law Society allow a one year technical school graduate for paralegal, to get away with breaking protected any Canadian citizen’s Constitutional Rights for privacy and the many rules of the Landlord and Tenant Act Stewart violates since 2006.

Law Society of Upper Canada

Licensed paralegal Catherine Stewart is a disgrace to the Law Society and operates this illegal property management company from Barrie Ontario, although it it is a clear VIOLATION of the UPPER LAW SOCIETY OF CANADA (ULSC) Rules and Regulations conflict of interest laws she knowingly ignores.

Licensed paralegal Catherine Stewart has been operating this illegal property management business and representing LANDLORDS ONLY in Landlord and Tenant Board hearings although this is another breach of the ULSC rules and has the single intention of evicting the tenant fore her landlord only clients. Stewart uses her property management website to solicit the work for the landlords and uses her authority as a paralegal to bully, harass and violate tenant rights given to them for protection.

You must read the new series we compiled with things you can do when confronted by such illegal methods and you feel you can do nothing to stop the scum present in our court systems today. We have named the NEW SERIES after this paralegal, THE STEWART SOLUTION, who to this day is still completely photographing tenant units against the LTB Act, harassing helpless tenants and using powers given to her from the Law Society to evict the helpless tenants.

We want to give tenants more ideas and options when dealing with illegal methods used by their tenants, paralegals or the corrupt police forces out there. Read some of the points and tips we offer and give some feedback if we missed any options for helpless tenants to defend themselves against illegal property managers or crooked paralegals who knowingly break the law for their landlord clients.

We are still searching for photos of this ex OPP officer Paul Smith who operates as an illegal Private Investigator for Catherine Stewart, both from the little town of Walters Falls, Ontario, just outside of Meaford, Ontario.


Walter’s Falls paralegal practices law under several names !

April Stewart, self proclaimed Landlord rights advocate and Human Rights violator
47-year-old April Stewart

Catherine April Stewart, a resident of Walter’s falls Ontario is a phony self proclaimed advacator of Landlord ONLY rights and is known to practice law under several names and businesses.Stewart is also known to call herself the “terminator” when she attacks tenants in the LTB Hearings. Stewart owns and operates a small property management company from 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario under the name Landlord legal.

Landlord Legal small office between the buildings.
Landlord Legal past small office between the buildings.

The phony pathetic property management company Catherine Stewart runs is from a small cubicle office surrounded by numerous accountants in a firm there, and the building is owned by Wendy Kara of Sophia development Corporation.

These accountants have been known to receive confidential and private legal documents that were intended for her legal firms eyes only but has on numerous occasions received unprotected legal documents on her behalf when she operates her legal firm from her Walters Falls residence.

Stewart had closed her failing Meaford legal office last year after she neglected to inform the Civil courts and the Human Rights of the closure of her office that was on record to receive the legal files from Human Rights allegations brought up against Stewart, her husband Paul Smith and her landlord clients Dykstra Bros Electric.

Coward Barrie slumlord – Ralph Dykstra
Coward Barrie slumlord – Donald Dykstra
Dykstra Bros electric retired owner William dykstra
William Dykstra (a known liar in civil court)


This phoney self proclaimed advacator for landlord only rights has had many complaints filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) for her sharp practice methods of advocating including practising law under several names.

The Law Society has so far protected the illegal actions of Stewart and has neglected to register ANY of the many complaints that have been filed with their office over many breaches of their own rules and rules of conduct with the courts Stewart has been accused and involved with directly.

Catherine April Stewart is the legal name registered at the LSUC for Stewart to practice law under, and the name of the business registered at the LSUC for her shady legal firm is Landlord legal inc.

Catherine Stewart has been practising law at the LTB Board in Barrie, Meaford and numerous other cities across Ontario and using the name April Stewart under landlord legal, when she represents her landlord  only clients.

Agreement signed April Stewart by LSUC paralegal Catherine Stewart
Agreement signed April Stewart by LSUC paralegal Catherine Stewart

Stewart has been known to make many deals under this name and is now very well known not to honour any agreements she makes with tenants only to have them take the matter into civil courts wasting their money and valuable court time for her purposes.

Stewart has also been known to harass Human Rights applicants when she complained to the Barrie police the tenant was showing up at the LTB hearings which is an open forum to anybody that wishes to go. The police or this lowlife paralegal do not have the right to harass the tenants that wish to go to ANY LTB hearing for ANY REASON !

The corrupt Barrie police have harassed many tenants fore this ex OPP officer and his paralegal girlfriend but would not charge her for Break & enter, entering false statements, entering false documents or for harassing a human Rights applicant several times. Please read the many posts concerning this phony Landlord Rights advocate.

Stewart has also been known to break into tenants units while being present at the crime with the Barrie police witnessing the act and telling her she did not have the legal right to enter the unit to begin with.


Another disgraced paralegal Diane Smith, has also been known for practising law under different names and businesses and is also well known to have worked for Catherine Stewart on numerous past hearings.

Between the conflict of interests businesses Stewart owns and runs with her husband, ex OPP officer Paul Smith there has been numerous complaints to the LSUC over her legal practice and her submitting false testimony, statements and evidence from Paul Smith. Stewart has been known to use her Commissioner stamp to sign and authorize documents she submits from her husband when they pertain to her landlord only clients and Ontario LTB hearings.

Under the LTB Act 2006 Stewart does NOT FIT the definition of a landlord and should not be practicing law representing her slum lord clients.Paul Smith has also been known to work illegally as a Private Investigator for this paralegal when he was not licensed to do so in Ontario. Many statements Paul Smith gave to the Privacy Commissioner, Civil Courts, LTB hearings and the Human Rights allegations has statements coming from him as a private investigator working for Stewart.

Dykstra House had illegal marihuana gro operation

Stewart has been known to break many rules of the Law Society and Rules and regulations for paralegals and many Rules of Conduct courts and has gone as far as entering false evidence into the Human Rights allegations brought up against Catherine April Stewart, her husband Paul Smith, William Dykstra, Ralph Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie Ontario.

Stewart is also known for not paying court orders that have been given to her to pay when she failed to show or notify the courts on several occasions.

Stewart had another paralegal lied at the LTB hearing she was accused of breaking & entering into a tenants unit while witnesses and the Barrie police watched. Paul Smith admitted to cowering behind a car when the tenant tried serving him legal documents to appear in LTB court for photographing his unit against the LTB Act 2006.Another crooked ex OPP cop that abuses the system for his paralegal girlfriend.Barrie police

New complaints have been filed again against Catherine Stewart with the Law Society of Upper Canada who has been known to protect lawyers and paralegals when they break the law or even the rules set out by the society to govern the conduct of these one year graduates who receive a law degree from shady colleges in Ontario.

Privacy Violators will have the actual complaints posted live with all the responses from the governing body for lawyers and paralegals and will post all the comments and results from the many, many complaints.

Privacy Violators has received many emails and evidence that many other complaints have previously been filed against Catherine Stewart with the LSUC but there are no records of any of the complaints filed against her.

The writer had filed Break and Enter complaints against Stewart that were dismissed when David Cass, LSUC intake officer dismissed without reason or evidence in September 2013. David Cass is accused of protecting paralegals even though they violate the rules set out governing the conduct of paralegals and lawyers by the LSUC.

Catherine Stewart is another disgrace to the LSUC when she practices law under numerous names and knowingly and willingly signs and submits false statements and false evidence, in her own Human Rights allegations filed in 2014. Entering false evidence is a criminal offence as is break and enter. No paralegal is allowed to be present during an illegal act for any reason let alone be a party to it.

Read the many posts of the illegal activity done by this paralegal who practices under different names and businesses in and around Barrie, Ontario.

Complaints to the fraud department of the Canada Revenue Agency have been launched against alleged ex OPP officer Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart.

Is retired OPP officer, Paul T Smith doing illegal searches for Landlord Legal?

Ex OPP and illegal searches

Paul Smith is an alleged 30 year retired Ontario Provincial Police officer from the Meaford area. For a person serving 30 years for the OPP, you would think he would know ALL the laws concerning the Medical Marihuana Access Program from 2013, as well as a person’s Constitutional Rights, Privacy Rights,the criminal code and what constitutes an illegal search by someone such as Paul Smith.
oppPaul Smith worked for 30 years as an OPP cop and nothing on the internet about any of his OPP life before working for his licensed paralegal girlfriend Catherine April Stewart, the owner of Landlord Legal property management in Barrie,Ontario.

Paul Smith is an alleged 30 year retired Ontario Provincial Police officer from the Meaford area. For a person serving 30 years for the OPP, you would think he would know ALL the laws concerning the Medical Marihuana Access Program from 2013, as well as a person’s Constitutional Rights, Privacy Rights,the criminal code and what constitutes an illegal search by someone such as Paul Smith.

Retired OPP officer Smith allegedly misuses his past OPP status,and Private Investigator status when he worked as a process server for over 10 years for his paralegal girlfriend Catherine April Stewart, also of the Meaford area.Stewart who had recently closed her Meaford office, June 2014 after one year and now works out of a small cubicle office in Barrie, Ontario and her Walter’s Falls home.

Paul Smith has done pretty much whatever Catherine Stewart needed done, such as moving her office, process server, 24 Hour Intent to enters with complete unit photos, signing for legal documents, given any statements or affidavits needed and then signed by her with her commissioner stamp, under her legal status as a paralegal, any construction and fixing, has been known to attend and assist in seminars taught by his girlfriend, attend and testify in court for her firm or her clients purposes.

Catherine April Stewart is also known to be a licensed paralegal who is a LANDLORD ONLY ! rights advocate.

April Stewart is also known to own and operacropped-cbk.jpgte a Landlord only small property management company from 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie,Ontario,cubicle located in the section connecting the two buildings.

A lot of questions has come up as to how the Law Society of Upper Canada can let a paralegal own and operate as both a paralegal and a property manager. The Law Society is suppose to protect the public from paralegals and lawyers who break the law or rules and knowingly abuse the system.

Landlord Legal owner Catherine April StewartWorking as a  paralegal, her clients rights come first and the tenant or opposing party has no rights whatsoever! No privacy policy for tenant information she receives from her management company. Can find out a lot about the tenant and use it against them. Can initiate unit searches conducted by her boyfriend, and alleged ex OPP officer and use RTA s20 ROUTINE MAINTENANCE as the reason, as she teaches in her seminars that are discussed in upcoming posts. There is NO part of the RTA act that gives one party an advantage over another but Stewart has been known several times over the past to use the RTA s20 rule to do her dirty search work disguised as a property manager, and have Paul Smith attend court with his unrelated maintenance photos he had taken for her or her clients benefit. Again NO RIGHTS for the tenant for the illegal searches they perform for their Landlord clients benefit.

A publicly known LANDLORD RIGHTS advocate WHO VIOLATES other PEOPLES RIGHTS and breaks any law or rules to do whatever it takes for her clients to win.She gets away with this because of her switching from property manager to paralegal whenever dealing with the Law Society, Landlord and Tenant Board and or any court she attends.

Working as a property management company, the owner must follow the rules of the Business Act, Residential and Tenancies Act, 2006 as well as the Human Rights Code, PIPEDA and the Criminal Code.

Paul Smith as a retired OPP officer should know all of the regulations you would think. Read the Human Rights allegations against Paul smith and his girlfriend Catherine Stewart Here.

Cody Robertson-central lock and keyLandlord Legal as a property manager ordered Central Lock and Key to enter the Dykstra Bros Electric owned unit illegally as the Barrie Police told her she was not legal and then watched and did nothing when she has the locksmiths cut security chain and pick the door lock and enter  Read the illegal break in details here and the Barrie Police harassment concerns here.

How does a paralegal and ex OPP cop get away with these actions for so long?

How does the Law Society of Upper Canada let paralegals get away with abusing the system when they operate under the radar and switch roles and rules that govern each business?

The Law Society refused to investigate the legitimate complaint filed against Landlord legal in September 2013 when Catherine Stewart filed a vexatious lawsuit against the tenant that filed the Human Rights allegations against Catherine Stewart and her boyfriend, Paul T Smith.

Catherine Stewart also filed a vexatious lawsuit against Privacy Violators owner on October 2013 to delay the LSUC complaints filed from Catherine April Stewart not showing in the LTB allegations and the break and enter she committed in front of the Barrie police on August 15th 2013 for her Dykstra Bros Electric clients, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra who also have Human Rights allegations filed against them.Read the Dykstra Bros Electric Human Rights allegations filed in 2013 from their ex tenant HERE.

There will be many follow up posts with Freedom of Information documents released as well as ALL the transcripts from the vexatious lawsuits Stewart filed on October 22nd 2013. Stewart’s personal claim has been delayed, and ignored and is still pending in Small Claims Court after the tenant asked for his right to a speedy trial be exercised in March of 2014.

Our court system is a joke and future posts will point out methods used to delay, interfere and blog down our already messed up legal system.

This paralegal and the complaints filed in 2013 will be heard when the Human rights allegations are dealt with. the public needs to be aware of the actions this paralegal is capable of.

The many Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart owner of Landlord Legal, harassment allegations, and the public threat to have the ex tenant arrested for criminal charges is discussed at length in upcoming posts.

New Upper Law Society of Canada complaints against Landlord Legal inc.

Catherine A Stewart

Privacy Violators has learned that owner of Landlord Legal, Catherine April Stewart, a private paralegal from Meaford, Ontario, has continued to allegedly harass a Barrie ex tenant of her clients Ralph Dykstra, Bill Dykstra and Don Dykstra of Dykstra  Bros Electric Barrie to whom she has been representing through Landlord Tenant Tribunal and Civil court proceedings.

There are several pending court cases and Law Society of Upper Canada complaints already involving Catherine A Stewart and 2 new complaints are being filed with the ULSC of her persistent alleged harassment against this ex tenant of Dykstra Bros Electric with regards to letters sent to the Community Legal Clinic in Orillia.

Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal states in letters sent to the Legal Clinic that she feels that the Barrie ex tenant should not be represented by the Community Legal Clinic for the civil suit that was filed to retrieve money owed from a BAD LTB MEDIATION deal that was set up on July 15th 2013. There are many follow up posts with the letters, filed documents and complaints to be published soon here on Privacy Violators website.

There has been no new information from the Upper Law Society of Canada on the progress of the previous complaints lodged against Catherine April Stewart, though many phone calls have been made to find out more information from the ULSC .

William Dykstra of Dykstra Bros ElectricThe Dykstra brothers own numerous residential and commercial properties around Ellen Street and Victoria Street in Barrie Ontario.

Other tenants of Dykstra Bros Electric have been warned of the problems that had been caused by the harassment and privacy violations and a newsletter updating the court news is being sent out to update the tenants on the status of ALL the court cases.

William Dykstra is set to appear in a Barrie courtroom in March 2014 to answer and explain why the 2 previous court orders to pay the ex tenant from a deliberate bad mediation deal that was set in Landlord Tenant Tribunal last year, were not complied with.

Dykstra bros electric and Catherine Stewart had signed a mediated agreement from a joint submission agreement July 15th 2013 that was set up with the ex tenant to resolve issues that had arisen from the privacy violations and harassment of the Dykstras which led to Human Rights complaints being filed against them.

The Dykstra brothers have until March 6th 2014 to respond to the serious Human Rights complaints that were filed by the Barrie ex tenant concerning medical marihuana,privacy violations and severe interference and harassment by Ralph Dykstra,Bill Dykstra and William Dykstra.

A court date was set for March 7th 2014 for mediation with Catherine A Stewart,Ralph Dykstra,Bill Dykstra and Don Dykstra for the $25,000 lawsuits they each had filed against the tenant and the Privacy Violators website.

Privacy Violators will be posting ALL the Stewart/Dykstra/Groves applications,responses,documents,emails,photos and the newest videos as soon as all the material has been organized from the beginning, March 26th 2013,start of the first privacy violation complaints that were filed against Dykstra Electric of Barrie,Ontario in the Landlord & Tenant Board Tribunal.

Other complaints that were filed by the ex tenant against Coin Hoarders Treasury, Barrie Ontario with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada concerning cameras used to monitor him for the Dykstras have yet to be addressed properly.Recent phone calls to find out more information on the complaints that were filed against owner, Mike Harris has not produced anymore information on the privacy violation complaints.

Read these interesting posts :* some posts might still be in draft mode until further material gathered or the court cases finalized.

How to file Upper Law Society complaints

How the Upper Law Society of Canada handles your complaints

How to file Privacy Commissioner of Canada complaints

How the Privacy Commissioner of Canada handles your complaints.

Bill Dykstra
Bill Dykstra

Ralph Dykstra of Dykstra Bros ElectricDonald Dykstra

Paralegals and Lawyers should not or should know NOT TO THREATEN parties they are involved in proceedings against with CRIMINAL ARREST, FURTHER LEGAL THREATS or any kind of threat meant to harm the other party or to delay, coerce or influence the proceedings they are involved in.

Landlord Legal has openly threatened an ex tenant with criminal charges on her Landlord legal website while Human Rights/Civil allegations pending ( http://landlordlegal.ca DEC 2015 to Jan 22nd 2016) of her paralegal firm, alleged boyfriend and Dykstra Bros electric owners allegedly have been defending alleged discrimination against the Human Rights of the tenant.lANDLORD-LEGAL-website-page

Images showing the serious threats to the ex tenant, Tenant Rights Applicant and the Human Rights Applicant made from the owner, Catherine April Stewart,for Landlord Legal inc publicly advertised paralegal services website threatening CRIMINAL CHARGES after numerous unsubstantiated and FALSE ALLEGATIONS made to the Barrie Police..

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know not to create “CONFLICT of INTEREST” and if so, to remove themselves from ALL legal proceedings they are directly involved in.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are to advise clients and not act illegally for the clients they represent.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are not allowed to be present at or participate in illegal acts like break ins or illegal lock changes.

If you have had any complaints filed against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc. or Dykstra Bros Electric from your past experiences,we would like to hear from you with the details.

Contact us anytime and we might be able to help you further with your complaints.



Stand up for your rights ! Don’t be bullied by private paralegals or your landlord.

Landlords “Intent to Enter” & Your Privacy

What privacy rights do you have when a paralegal or landlord serves you with an “intent to enter” order” ?

The truth is you have NO RIGHTS at all.

This is the first hand story of a paralegal doing what her clients wants – GET THE TENANT OUT !. Read what Catherine Stewart and her acting agent do after posting of this notice on the tenants door.

Read the post and learn what they are capable of doing without any consequences for their actions. This might shock some of the readers.

On May 24th, 2013 Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal  then at a location at 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario had an agent acting on their behalf do their “intent to enter”

  • Taped an “intent to enter notice” openly ( no envelope) on prominent door
  • Tenant responded within 1 hr back in writing of birthday party on that day
  • Landlord Legal ignores tenant request for another day
  • Landlord Legal interrupts birthday party – some guests left
  • Landlords Legal agent photographs every inch of every room
  • Agent photographs sensitive office notes,licence &  more off office walls
  • Agent photographs other MMAR Participants licence off desk arealandlord-legal-card
  • Landlord Legal aware tenant is Legal MMAR Participant
  • Landlord Legals agent photographs Legal grow rooms (2 small rooms)
  • Landlord Legal takes photographs to Barrie police with false claims
  • Landlord Legal files “Notice of early termination” to tenant
  • Landlord Legal mediates in BAD faith to get tenant out. Read More

Many complaints and additional court cases were spawned from the bad mediation from the Dykstras and Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal.Follow the posts related to this in the Dykstra/Stewart – All Related Posts category.

intent-to-enteWikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines Landlord Harassment as :“Landlord harassment is the willing creation, by a landlord or his agents, of conditions that are uncomfortable for one or more tenants in order to induce willing abandonment of a rental contract. Such a strategy is often sought because it avoids costly legal expenses and potential problems with eviction. This kind of activity is common in regions where rent control laws exist, but which do not allow the direct extension of rent-controlled prices from one tenancy to the subsequent tenancy, thus allowing landlords to set higher prices. Landlord harassment carries specific legal penalties in some jurisdictions, but enforcement can be very difficult or even impossible in many circumstances. However, when a crime is committed in the process and motives similar to those described above are subsequently proven in court, then those motives may be considered an aggravating factor in many jurisdictions, thus subjecting the offender(s) to a stiffer sentence.” ~ Wikipedia

Barrie Dykstra Bros Electric vs Tenant Privacy


 The Spirit Catcher (shown at left) at Lakeshore and Bayfield Street by the Government Dock in downtown Barrie,Ontario,Canada

This interesting Medical Marihuana post to watch concerns a MMAR licenced tenant, his RIGHTS and his landlords Ralph Dykstra, Don Dykstra and William (Bill) Dykstra, the owners of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie,Ontario. The Dykstra brothers own numerous residential and commercial property in the downtown area of Barrie,Ontario and the tenant in question rented 40 Ellen Street, Barrie.The Dykstra brothers were found guilty MAY 7th 2013 in LTB Tribunal court of discussing private and confidential information with to another tenant.

This Tenant of over 4 years with Dykstra Bros Electric had a legal Medical Marihuana possession and production licence which was accepted and acknowledged by Ralph Dykstra, Don Dykstra & Bill Dykstra all signing a letter which was not needed for the MMAR program being the rented unit was the primary residence of the person licenced.

The ordeal started when the Dykstras were caught discussing private information with Nancy Groves, their very long time family friend and neighbor to the licenced MMAR participant.This neighbor is not only the Dykstra brothers long time family friend but an ex-girlfriend of the person that filed the complaint.It gets even better…she has been under the care of a doctor at RVH for years and not on good terms with the next door neighbor filing the complaints.Groves had been a tenant at the Dykstras residential property they owned for 8 years or so, moved out and back in again to the Ellen Street apartment last year when the problems started. Complaints to the landlords about Nancy Groves actions had led up to them revealing private health & legal information which she was not authorized to have. Barrie police left this to Land Tenant Board.freedom of information requests for the incident reports have been received.

This caused a few complaints to be lodged against the Dykstra brothers.

  • Barrie Police complaint
  • Landlord &Tenant Board complaint
  • Privacy Commissioner of Canada complaint

 GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAInvolved neighbor in the Dykstra LTB privacy/harassment complaint Involved neighbor in the Dykstra LTB privacy/harassment complaint, Groves admitted in LTB Tribunal to being an illegal pot smoker and had no permission, authority or reason to receive the private and confidential information from Ralph Dykstras,Bill Dykstra or Don Dykstra .Many conversations with the Barrie Drug Enforcement,Sgt Pat Broulard brought up many details and concerns of Groves illegal drug activities as well as investigations into details of known aassociates.


Nancy Groves friend yelling obscenities at neighbor
Barrie police called to harassment complaint

The Landlord and Tenant Board heard the complaint May 7th, 2013 in Barrie, Ontario and found Ralph Dykstra, Don Dykstra and Bill Dykstra guilty under the Residential Tenancies Act,2006 of discussing private information with Nancy Groves.
It was heard by Landlord & Tenant Board member Sean Henry.The final ruling of the complaint against the Dykstra brothers from Sean Henry is shown below:

So what was to be gained from this LTB complaint ?Landlord-and-Tenant-Determination
Only a finding of guilty of discussing PRIVATE and legal information with another tenant without permission and a police investigation into further details brought up from the complaints.

Most landlords in Ontario have NO idea that PIPEDA laws exist nor do the Ontario courts try to get the landlords educated with the current PIPEDA laws.
Landlords are suppose to be REQUIRED to have PRIVACY POLICIES in place to protect TENANT RIGHTS.

Think about the information a landlord can obtain about you.

  • your full name
  • spouses name
  • kids names
  • your address
  • past addresses
  • your SIN number for some
  • bank info if direct withdrawal
  • job information
  • reference names you give
  • reference phone numbers
  • addresses of references
  • criminal record information

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines Landlord Harassment as :

“Landlord harassment is the willing creation, by a landlord or his agents, of conditions that are uncomfortable for one or more tenants in order to induce willing abandonment of a rental contract. Such a strategy is often sought because it avoids costly legal expenses and potential problems with eviction. This kind of activity is common in regions where rent control laws exist, but which do not allow the direct extension of rent-controlled prices from one tenancy to the subsequent tenancy, thus allowing landlords to set higher prices. Landlord harassment carries specific legal penalties in some jurisdictions, but enforcement can be very difficult or even impossible in many circumstances. However, when a crime is committed in the process and motives similar to those described above are subsequently proven in court, then those motives may be considered an aggravating factor in many jurisdictions, thus subjecting the offender(s) to a stiffer sentence.” ~ Wikipedia

PIPEDASomebody needs to get around to pushing for the enforcing of the PIPEDA laws and further educating the Ontario Landlords to have Privacy Policies in place to protect the tenant rights. If it is a law, how is it not promoted, enforced and educated through the courts in Ontario ?

We will follow up on the Privacy Commissioner of Canada complaints when they are received back.

Read the posts on ” A first Landlord and Tenant Board experience ”  in front of LTB member Sean Henry

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