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Walter’s Falls paralegal and husband file lies and false evidence in HRTO allegations..claims absolute privilege

Catherine Stewart, a Walter’s Falls Ontario paralegal and her husband, Paul Smith, who had Human Rights allegations (HRTO#17699-14) filed against them for violating tenants rights in 2014 used the system to file false testimony and false evidence to circumvent the allegations. Catherine April Stewart, a licensed paralegal registered with the Law Society of Ontario, claims … Continue reading



Meaford Ontario Provincial Police harass citizens for ex OPP officer and phony private investigator

The Meaford Ontario Provincial Police officers, are well aware and protecting a Ontario paralegal,Catherine Stewart who is alleged to have been present during a break and enter allegation at 40 Ellen Street, Barrie Ontario, and that C A Stewart continually harasses and threatens tenants, and Human Rights applicants who file complaints, on her public website located here http://www.landlordlegal.ca. Continue reading



Walter’s Falls paralegal practices law under several names !

Catherine Stewart is another disgrace to the LSUC when she practices law under numerous names and knowingly and willingly signs and submits false statements and false evidence, in her own Human Rights allegations filed in 2014. Entering false evidence is a criminal offense as is break and enter. No paralegal is allowed to be present during an illegal act for any reason let alone be a party to it. Continue reading



The Stewart Solution – A Tenants guide to harassment

If Stewart manages to evict you from your unit, here are some things you can do to retaliate against her and her landlords for infringing on your tenant's rights. As long as you are the legal tenant on the agreement, all issues concerning the rental unit would go before the Landlord and tenant Board again if you decide to show up for them after the fact. Continue reading



Walters Falls paralegal operates fraudulent property management firm. Still Harassing tenants !!

New complaints have again been filed with the Law Society to look into the Sharp practice tactics, harassment, conflict of interest, false testimony and false evidence submitted by Catherine Stewart in the Human Rights allegations brought up against her and her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith, who operated as a Private Investigator when he was not legal or licensed to do so. Continue reading



Corrupt Barrie Police fail to investigate ex OPP officer Paul Smith for impersonating as Private Investigator and violating tenant Constitutional Rights to privacy !

Police chief Kimberly Greenwood, of the Barrie city police, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Vince Hawkes, Human Rights Commissioner Renu Mandhane along with the Canadian Law Society have all failed to protect many rights given to Canadian citizens and continue to ignore and put under the rug, any legitimate complaints brought forth by Canadian citizens against this alleged ex Ontario Provincial Police officer. Continue reading



Tenant rights advocate warns the public and discusses tactics of the self proclaimed “terminator”, Catherine Stewart!

A tenant rights advocate had many dealings with the Landlord and Tenant Board, Civil courts, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario,Privacy commissioner and the Law Society over past three years. The tenant rights advocate speaks up online of known tactics from paralegals and lawyers who deal in what is known as “SHARP PRACTICE” and frowned upon … Continue reading



Ex OPP officer worked as private investigator for many years, unsanctioned and illegally for Walters Falls paralegal !

An ex Ontario Provincial Police officer, Paul Smith, has been investigated during Human Rights allegations (HRTO #17699-14) that were brought up against Smith, and his paralegal girlfriend, Catherine A Stewart, and has been discovered to be working as a private investigator illegally for landlord legal inc, of Barrie Ontario for many years. Although Paul Smith … Continue reading



Barrie Police Officers witness Break and Enter and do nothing !

On August 15th 2014 Catherine April Stewart, a paralegal and property manager out of Walters Falls, Ontario but running a small cubicle office from 117 Bayfield Street, instructed owner of Central Lock and Key, Paul Robertson and his son Cody Robertson to cut a security chain, pick the hand lock and break into 40 Ellen … Continue reading



Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario…What a joke.

After a long needed vacation and a trip across Canada, the writer is ready to discuss the Human Rights allegations and evidence that were brought up against a Walters Falls paralegal, Catherine April Stewart and her ex OPP officer boyfriend, Paul Smith, also of Walters Falls and can now be brought online to the attention … Continue reading

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