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Human Rights allegations filed against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and Paul T Smith for discrimination against tenant Medical Marihuana grower

Catherine-StewartA Human Rights application was filed May 2014 by the ex tenant, against Catherine April Stewart of Landlord legal inc, acting agent and alleged boyfriend, 30 yr retired OPP Officer, process server and personal private investigator Paul Smith, for allegedly breaching  the Human Rights Code, discriminating against him when they illegally evicted the tenant for allegedly growing more plants than they figured he was entitled and licensed for.

Law Society complaints have been filed by the ex tenant against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and her associate Howard Tavroges for CONFLICT OF INTEREST, RELEASING PRIVATE CONFIDENTIAL information allegations when  Howard Tavroges represented the tenant in several LTB matters, including the mediated agreement she failed to honor July 18th 2013, and represents Landlord Legal in many LTB Tribunal matters on her companies behalf.

LTB matters that Howard Tavroges represented for Landlord legal inc from July 2013 to Jan 2016 were recorded to send to the LSUC showing Tavroges worked for, and released private information to Catherine Stewart while Stewart proceeded in Superior Court against the tenant.

Howard Tavroges in May,June,July of 2013 had been a LTB paralegal with the Orillia Community Legal Clinic and had talked with and represented the tenant in LTB proceedings, also signed the LTB Joint Submission Order, against Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal inc,Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric. The tenant had to take Catherine Stewart and her Dykstra Bros clients to civil court to retrieve the LTB Order that Catherine Stewart personally signed the UNDERTAKING for her Dykstra clients.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) received an application that was filed back in December 2013 from an ex tenant against Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie, Ontario concerning alleged medical marihuana privacy violations and discriminating against the tenant when they insist he only grows four plants when licensed for many more than they want him to grow.

Human-Rights0004The Human Rights claim is for discriminating against him for not allowing him to grow more than four (4) plants when he was licensed for an excess of that amount and was growing within his given license requirements legally. It is also states claims of Medical Marihuana Access Program privacy violation issues plus threats of reprisal, acts of reprisal, harassment and the illegal reasons stated in the N5 that Stewart attempt to evict him on un Constitutional grounds.

The court hearings between the tenant and Dykstra Bros electric started back in May 2013 when the tenant had taken the landlords, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Don Dykstra to the Barrie Landlord and Tenant Board tribunal for discussing private, confidential Health Canada Medical Marihuana Access program information with their very long time family friend and tenant, Nancy Groves.

LTB Judge Sean Henry heard the case in and determined the landlords did discuss confidential information with tenant & their longtime friend Nancy Groves (aka Nancy Aikens) on or about March 27th 2013. Read further details from the May 7th hearing here: Barrie Dykstra Bros Electric vs Tenant Privacy

The LTB tribunal hearings did not end in May between the tenant and Dykstra Bros Electric with a simple apology.Nooooo !!

Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric, hire Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc on May 13th to evict the tenant.

On May 23rd 2013, Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal or one of her agents posted a letter on behalf of her clients, the Dykstras, openly displaying private and confidential Medical Marihuana Access Program (MMAP) information concerning the tenant along with a “24 hour Intent to Enter” notice.The letter further demanded the tenant produce MMAP license information to her agent that was to perform the “Routine Maintenance” as she claimed in the 24 hour the intent to enter notice.

Paul Smith, alleged boyfriend and acting agent for Dykstra Bros entered 40 Ellen Street, Barrie for the notice, though a letter was given to Landlord Legal at their Barrie office located at, 117 Bayfield Street, the same morning as receiving her notice and revealing letter explaining a birthday party was already scheduled.

Read further details on the “Routine Maintenance” that turned into a full blown inspection with 100’s of photos being taken, many of personal and private documents, information belonging to the tenant. The inspection was done in spite of the tenants birthday party and in front of the tenants remaining guests from the scheduled birthday party. These actions led to a Privacy Commissioner of Canada complaint later handled by Cristine Derenzis from that office.Read the details of the entry and further allegations brought forth by the ex tenant of Dykstra Bros Electric company from Barrie Ontario.  : Landlords “Intent to Enter” & Your Privacy

The tenant filed another LTB hearing CET #31816-13 against Dykstras and their agent for harassment and disclosing the confidential MMAP information and had a June 27th hearing date set to hear the complaint.

Landlord Legal owner Catherine April StewartCatherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc had sent a DO NOT CONTACT her or her clients or TRESPASS on the properties of Landlord Legal inc and her clients, the Dykstra brothers, to the Community Legal clinic in Orillia, Ontario

Stewart refused to provide copies to the tenant of the “Routine Maintenance”, inspection report or copies of the photos that her acting agent Paul smith had taken may 24th 2013 in written or email requests.

Catherine Stewart, sole owner of Landlord Legal inc refuses the LTB court summons,even from attending Barrie police officers, whom she had called on the tenant, on false pretenses, for her alleged boyfriend and agent,private investigator,process server and ex OPP officer Paul T Smith while attempting to serve the summons to Landlord Legal paralegal office on Bayfield Street, Barrie,Ontario.A follow up story to the Barrie police harassment allegations from the Dykstra Bros Electric ex tenant in relation to Smith sgt status before he retired from service and went to work as an acting agent for the paralegal firm landlord legal inc,Barrie,Meaford offices.

Catherine Stewart does not fill out the N5 properly identifying other hearings, past or present that were related to her application and before the Landlord & Tenant Board tribunal. The tenant had a previous hearing related to her N5 application, but not noted properly on the LTB forms. Landlord Legal owner Catherine Stewart was quoted as saying “I have 13 yrs experience, don’t tell me how to do my job” to Barrie police Aug 15th 2013.

Catherine Stewart files an N5 ” Notice of Early Termination” on grounds the tenant would not produce the Health Canada MMAP information she demanded in her letter and refused to give an un blocked copy to Paul Smith, who asked for the license information without any authority to do so and in front of the tenants guests. The tenant was posting all of his LTB hearing information following his adventures through Landlord and Tenant tribunal complaints against the paralegal and her clients and Stewart wanted the postings stopped and this website shut down.

The LTB matter is mediated by LTB mediator Dawn Lewis, Community Legal clinic paralegal Howard Tavroges ( NO LONGER WITH ORILLIA LEGAL CLINIC, though his current Upper Law Society of Canada profile still shows the Legal Clinic phone number and fax) theorig-mediation-agreement tenant and Catherine Stewart.

The mediated agreement order was to return last months rent and tenant would voluntarily move out on August 15th 2013 to file his Human Rights claim in peace and his living environment was already poisoned from the Dykstras revealing his confidential MMAP information.

** On move out day, August 15th 2013, Catherine Stewart of landlord Legal and her clients were present at the tenants 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario residence and called Barrie police on false pretenses to the unit to watch Catherine Stewart and her clients instruct Central Lock & Key of Barrie to break the front door lock, cut the security chain and enter the unit to change the locks.

** Did we mention that the tenant was moving out already voluntarily and had a court order that instructed Landlord Legal to apply for a Sheriffs order if not vacated as per agreement. Ralph Dykstra,Donald Dykstra and William (Bill) Dykstra corporation owners of Dykstra Bros Electric did not want to honor the agreement they made in LTB court July 18th 2013 and signed by Catherine Stewart with full authority to do so from William Dykstra, the only one of the Dykstra brothers that were present in court.

No Walk through on August 15th 2013 !  No Rent Returned On VacancyNo intention of honoring July 18th LTB Order !

Read details on the BAD Mediation post here : Landlord Legal/Dykstra Bros Electric Mediate in BAD Faith

The tenant files another LTB complaint CET #33911-13 against Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal and Dykstra Bros Electric for harassment and the illegal entry and lock removal incident on August 15th 2013

Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal inc and her clients FAIL TO APPEAR for the hearing date set and DOES NOT NOTIFY the tenant, summoned witnesses or the LTB courts before the hearing.

Barrie police officer M Beard was summoned and present for the hearing as was Central Lock & Key owner and his employee and another witness that was in the unit at the time they forced themselves into the unit without proper documentation to do so.

Stewart sends another paralegal to claim she is out of the country and the judge orders Stewart prove he claim when the hearing is rescheduled again.

The tenant has pendingCentral lock and key enters unit illegally court actions against Central Lock & Key for the break & enter and the Barrie Police department for the tenants rights being violated as they stood by and watched knowing Catherine Stewart did not have any legal documentation for what she instructed the locksmith to do.Another Upper Law Society complaint was filed against C A Stewart of Landlord Legal for her presence at 40 Ellen Street on August 15th 2013 and her instructions to the police and the locksmith.

The tenant has also written the Upper Law Society of Canada over paralegal, Howard Tavroges involvement with Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal in LTB tribunals in Barrie at the same time as the tenant is suing her clients for the agreement he had initially made with her on his behalf.

** Concerns and allegations of past Orillia Legal Clinic, paralegal Howard Tavroges, divulging client privileged information to Catherine Stewart during the launching of the civil suits Stewart & Dykstra Bros Electric filed against the ODSP recipient and tavrogesex tenant had arisen when Stewart used the information to contact the Orillia Community Legal clinic with threatening letters over alleged websites that were discussed in confidential discussions with Howard Tavroges and Orillia Legal Clinic director Michael Hefferon,tenant and involved parties, directly in LTB matters in May & June of 2013.The tenant asks for minutes from the meeting to be provided as recording device was not allowed in this confidential discussion of the tenants right to grow medical marihuanna and the LTB process ahead of him and did receive the information he requested.

** Catherine Stewart also filed a civil lawsuit against the tenant over one of the alleged websites, without any documentation to prove who owned it.

A minimum fine of $25,000 and a year suspension if the tenants ULSC complaints are heard and Stewart found guilty of his claim.

“I have thirteen years experience and know my job” ~ Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal tells Barrie police officers M Beard & Cst Turner

C A Stewart and William Dykstra tell the attending Barrie police officers M Beard and Turner that Stewart had received an email from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada stating the tenant had contacted them and had vacated days before.

Landlord legal inc and William Dykstra could not produce the alleged email they claimed, they walked away when it was requested from the tenant.
** The tenant had earlier conversation that morning with C A Stewarts office to arrange the walk through and receive the last months rent.
** Owners of Dykstra Bros Electric and C A Stewart never had intentions of honoring the agreement they made on July 15th 2013 in LTB tribunal.
** The ex-tenant files civil case SCC #1546-13 in Aug/2013 to retrieve owed funds from Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie,Ontario.

** The tenant finally receives the owed funds in May 2014, after Dykstra Bros Electric and Landlord Legal knowingly waste Civil Courts time, Orillia Legal Clinics time & resources plus the ODSP recipients time & money for many months, attempting the owed LTB ORDER they had willingly signed, for the order.

** Be sure to read the follow up posts to the end of the civil hearings where Stewart and Dykstra Bros electric finally concede and pay the tenant the money owed from the Sean Henry LTB Order after many efforts and motions not to do so.

The tenant withdraws his CET #33911-13 application and includes the August 15th 2013 illegal entry and lock removal incident in his HRTO  applications against Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal and her clients Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric.

Catherine Stewart filed two (2) civil cases in Barrie courts in November 2013, SCC #1851-13 & SCC #1852-13, against the tenant to attempt to have this website shut down or at the very least have the posts removed and claimed $5000 in property damages, although Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal made a call to the Barrie police under false pretenses and had Central lock & Key illegally enter the unit and the locks were removed and never replaced.

Catherine Stewart, of Landlord Legal inc soon learned that she was in the wrong court room to have this website shut down but continued in civil court for many,many months to detain the HRTO application and the Law Society complaints filed against her clients and her Barrie and Meaford paralegal firm offices,Landlord Legal inc !!!

Stewart requested to withdraw her previous two (2) lawsuits when the tenant had asked for motions to be heard on the matter on May 27th 2014 and received permission to file a counter suit against Catherine Stewart and her clients Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric.

Read further details on Catherine Stewarts SCC #1851-13 civil court claim here : Landlord Legal – Catherine Stewart VS Privacy-Violators

Read further details on Dykstras SCC #1852-13 civil court claim here : Ralph Dykstra,Don Dykstra & Bill Dykstra VS Privacy Violators Website

We will continue to update all the past LTB hearings with the details, the pending Human Rights cases against Landlord Legal and her clients and the Upper Law Society complaints as they compiled.

Paralegals and Lawyers should not or should know NOT TO THREATEN parties they are involved in proceedings against with CRIMINAL ARREST, FURTHER LEGAL THREATS or any kind of threat meant to harm the other party or to delay, coerce or influence the proceedings they are involved in.

Landlord Legal has openly threatened an ex tenant with criminal charges on her Landlord legal website while Human Rights/Civil allegations pending ( http://landlordlegal.ca DEC 2015 to Jan 22nd 2016) of her paralegal firm, alleged boyfriend and Dykstra Bros electric owners allegedly have been defending alleged discrimination against the Human Rights of the tenant.lANDLORD-LEGAL-website-page

Images showing the serious threats to the ex tenant, Tenant Rights Applicant and the Human Rights Applicant made from the owner, Catherine April Stewart,for Landlord Legal inc publicly advertised paralegal services website threatening CRIMINAL CHARGES after numerous unsubstantiated and FALSE ALLEGATIONS made to the Barrie Police..

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know not to create “CONFLICT of INTEREST” and if so, to remove themselves from ALL legal proceedings they are directly involved in.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are to advise clients and not act illegally for the clients they represent.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are not allowed to be present at or participate in illegal acts like break ins or illegal lock changes.

New stories of the Barrie Police officers involvement and the reasons for their contact of the Dykstra Bros Electric ex tenant , who allegedly harassed the ex tenant on behalf of ex OPP officer Paul T Smith and his alleged longtime girlfriend and propertyBarrie police management company owner and paralegal April Catherine Stewart while the tenant was in various courts against them.All Freedom Of Information requests for the incidents have been applied for from the Barrie Police and will be posted as soon as all police matters are compiled and released to Privacy-Violators.com, at the appropriate time concluding certain matters before the Ontario courts.

Do Barrie police play favorites and harass the ex tenant ??

..read the article and decide for yourself the level of their involvement and false calls put forth by Landlord Legal repeatedly unsubstantiated claims and the true intentions they had.


All Lives Matter !! .. Except at Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

The hash tags #Black lives matter and #All lives matter have been the public issue and in the news over the last couple of years.No matter what your race,creed,religion, or background we are suppose to have protection from the wrong doers in today’s society.

All lives matter is not something that Renu Mandhane, head of the Human Rights Commission, can say about the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, located at 655 Bay Street, where they operate their Mickey Mouse HRTO court system in Toronto, Canada.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) is run by Registrar Richard Hennessy and is suppose to have lawyers, acting as impartial mediators when dealing with Human Rights allegations brought up to the Tribunal to be heard.

The HRTO constantly breaches its own mandate when dealing with issues brought forth by Canadian citizens who attempt to right the wrong done to them concerning violating their Human Rights in Canada.

Quoted from Social Justice Tribunals Ontario website : The Code prohibits:

  • Discrimination against a person because he or she has a relationship, association or dealing with someone who is identified by one of the grounds listed above.
  • Reprisal (a legal term that means punishment or retaliation) or threats of reprisal, because a person has either claimed their rights, refused to discriminate against someone else or was a participant in a human rights proceeding.
  • Sexual solicitation or advances by a person who is in a position to give or deny a benefit.
  • Reprisal or threats of reprisal for rejecting a sexual solicitation or advance.

Quoted from the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario website :

What We Do

If you believe you have experienced discrimination or harassment, you can file an application with the HRTO. The HRTO resolves claims of discrimination and harassment brought under the Human Rights Code in a fair, just and timely way.

The HRTO first offers parties the opportunity to settle the dispute through mediation. If the parties do not agree to mediation, or mediation does not resolve the application, the HRTO holds a hearing.

Hearings and mediations are held in Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, London, North Bay, Ottawa, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, St. Catharines, Sudbury, Timmins, Thunder Bay and Windsor. See also: Practice Direction on Hearings in Regional Centres.

HRTO decisions are made by adjudicators called vice-chairs or members. HRTO adjudicators have experience, knowledge and training in human rights law and issues.

The HRTO’s Rules of Procedure, Practice Directions and Policies apply to its proceedings

The HRTO is one of seven tribunals which form Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO). HRTO does its work in keeping with the core values of SJTO:

  • Accessibility
  • Fairness and independence
  • Timeliness
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism and public service

Harassment is a form of discrimination. The Code defines harassment as “a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known, or ought reasonably to be known, to be unwelcome”. It includes offensive comments or actions directed at you that are related to one or more of the Code grounds.

Human Rights allegations proceed against Landlord Legal & Paul Smith… Stewart closes Meaford office


A paralegal firm owned and operated by Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has been in our website news since May of 2013, when April Stewart of landlord Legal inc was hired to evict a tenant of Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie.

The tenant in question had a valid Medical Marihuanna license to possess and grow his own medical marihuana as well as signed permission from the three Dykstra Brothers themselves but was forced to file allegations in Human Rights against Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Donald Dykstra, Catherine April Stewart and her alleged boyfriend,process server and private investigator Paul T Smith when they attempted to evict him from his 40 Ellen Street Barrie Ontario apartment.

Landlord Legal inc had moved her files and set up another office at 44 Sykes Street N Meaford, Ontario with the help of her alleged boyfriend, retired OPP officer, process server and private investigator Paul T Smith, in June of 2013, but recently closed her Meaford office in June 2015 with the allegations against her and Paul Smith in Human Rights.

Landlord Legal closes Meaford office

Landlord Legal now runs her small paralegal firm from her home in Walter’s Falls and a small Barrie office located at 117 Bayfield Street Suite 101 located in the alleyway connection between the two buildings.

** Additional notes,photos and follow up on further details.

Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal failed to notify the Human Rights Tribunal of the office closing as per the Rules of Procedure during the proceeding.The tenant had notified the HRTO of the fact when he had tried to serve legal documents to the address on file and discovered it was closed.After talking with other commercial business close to her closed office, the process server discovered it was closed in June 2014, one year after she opened in Meaford,Ontario.

Read the past stories of the missed LTB Tribunal Hearings, civil hearings,and serious interference with a “fair trial” allegations against April Stewart of Landlord Legal, Paul Smith and her clients, Dykstra Bros Electric.

The ex tenant still has many pending complaints filed against this paralegal and her firm with the Law Society of Upper Canada , Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (pending) since she started representing Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie from May 2013 to present to evict the tenant.

William Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric
William Dykstra
Ralph Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric
Ralph Dykstra
Don Dykstra
Donald Dykstra
Nancy Aikens mother
Nancy Groves-involved neighbor
Nancy Ailens (Groves)






Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dyksytra, past owners of Dykstra Bros Electric, will face a Human Rights Hearing that has been rescheduled for January 20th 2016, after a previous hearing date was delayed and a summary hearing was requested.

April Stewart
47-year-old April Stewart is known as the “Terminator”


Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc and Paul T Smith have also had a summary hearing completed and the involved parties are presently awaiting dates from the Human Rights Tribunal for the hearing to be heard.

Other allegations or allegations of attempts at blocking justice in the past, against owner Catherine A Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has been,

  • allegations of illegal lock change – witnessed by Barrie police
  • allegations of illegal entry- witnessed by Barrie police
  • Catherine Stewart Breached May 7th 2013 LTB court order when she personally signed it, forcing ODSP tenant to take civil action to obtain the funds un neccessarily wasting many days of courts / tenants time and money,to do so,acting in bad faith deliberately.
  • Court orders never paid to ODSP ex tenant – FAILED TO SHOW at Settlement Conferences and several motions
  • Paul T Smith – private investigator * illegal privacy invasion, searches and photos
  • Allegations of privacy violations,tenants personal information and property photographed top to bottom by Paul Smith
  • “Cease and Desist” letters from disgraced paralegal Diana Smith & Landlord Legal inc office – never a “court ordered” document
  • “Do not trespass” letter -117 Bayfield St  #101 Barrie & old Meaford Ont. 44 Sykes Street North business addresses
  • “Do not trespass” letter – Dykstra’s commercial plaza or residential properties or businesses – no court orders for either
  • Placing Paul Smith on witness stand – WHEN NOT ON THE WITNESS LIST
  • Placing Paul Smith on witness stand – WHEN NO “WILL SAY” PROVIDED BEFORE TRIAL
  • Paul Smith lying on the stand in the Barrie civil trial for her Dykstra clients defense
  • Interfering with a criminal investigation when she allegedly paid Rob Scruton to be a witness and for the FALSE evidence she introduced against the rules & procedures in the Dykstra Bros Electric civil trial SCC #1852-13.
  • Allegations of entering false evidence and statements brought against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and Paul T Smith in Human Rights.
  • Serving the tenant directly with a NO TRESPASS letter at his residence by Paul Smith, which was NOT ON FILE with the courts.. and while he had legal council representing him and Human Rights allegations against Smith & Stewart.
  • Several false police reports filed by C A Stewart against the Barrie tenant exercising his rights on Human Rights
  • Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal BREACHED A COURT ORDER that she had previously motioned for,when she emailed the ex tenant on June 11th 2015 against the judges instructions, and used Paul T Smith in capacities that cite UN PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT ALLEGATIONS
  • Catherine Stewart delayed her civil allegations since October 2013 against Privacy Violators blog with NO INTENTION of challenging in a higher court as she claimed in a motion she put forward while breaking rules and procedures in the Superior Court of Canada to get her motion heard.

and many other allegations to the Law Society that will be brought up as the Human Rights hearings are completed.

An “ORDER DURING A PROCEEDING” has been requested and submitted to the Registrar in the HUMAN RIGHTS ALLEGATIONS for Paul Smith and Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc to PROVE the existence of documents Stewart has claimed to have filed with the Toronto Landlord & Tenant Board, North office back in May 2013.

Allegations of entering false testimony and evidence arose during the Dykstra civil trial, as well as the Human Rights during a summary phone conference with Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart when they submitted a “certificate of service” from the May 2013 “intent to enter” into their response to the Human Rights allegations against them.The Toronto North LTB office supplied copies of ALL files to the tenant, on record for all incidents,including May 2013, but failed to locate the document Landlord Legal provided to the tribunal when tracking documents, to three different departments and three different managers was submitted.

As of August 15th, 2015, Landlord Legal inc has not provided the proof requested but stated in an email to the Registrar, they would provide proof if directed by him to do so. There has been NO movement on this serious allegation of entering false evidence and statements into a court hearing or tribunal.

The Law Society has also been requested previously by the ex tenant to investigate the false evidence allegations, the illegal lock removal and entry by Dykstra’s and their representative C A Stewart of Landlord Legal inc of Barrie as well as a dozen more allegations of un professional conduct, breach of an order and numerous civility complaints .

Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith first claimed the existence of the alleged documents during his testimony on the stand at the Dykstra civil trial when Stewart placed him there without disclosure, without proper will says or PAUL T SMITH name on the proposed witness list.

human rights commission_400x400



Landlord Legal has of September 2015, not informed the Human Rights Tribunal of the changes in her business address for the representation of her clients, Dykstra Bros Electric set for a hearing on January 20th 2016 or for the Human Rights allegations brought against Paul Smith and herself which is still awaiting a hearing date.There has been a long history of allegations of harassment , un necessary court delays, several abuses of the court system and many other allegations that are still pending and awaiting investigation.

C A Stewart contacted the Law Society claiming there are pending court actions involving herself and the tenant which has stalled the allegations into being investigated.It has been 2 years since this was filed in Barrie Civil Courts on October 22nd 2015 and the case of Stewart vs Ross has yet to have a hearing.

Catherine Stewart has not informed the Law Society of Upper Canada of the pending Human Rights allegations that were filed against her in May of 2014 and now pending for a hearing January 20th 2016. The paralegal was also involved with a Landlord and Tenant hearing in September 2013 along with her Dykstra clients allegations of illegal entry and illegal lock change but did not show for the hearing sending another paralegal, stating she was out of the country but FAILED TO NOTIFY THE OTHER PARTY OR PROVE HER CLAIM.

To date, Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal has filed numerous FALSE ALLEGATIONS with the Barrie police concerning the ex tenant, all to be listed with the related video from the Barrie detective Sgt Steele investigation and all the incident reports from the involved Barrie Police officers and Landlord Legal inc., in another related upcoming posting.

The BBarrie policearrie police have numerous times REFUSED the ex tenant to file CRIMINAL HARASSMENT CHARGES against this paralegal after he tried several times to file complaints against her for the numerous false reports she has continued to file. A further complaint to the Law Society is still pending on these harassment grounds, as she was well aware the allegations were false and of the pending civil and Human Rights hearings with this ex tenant she was and is still involved in.

The Barrie Civil Courts have continued to ignore this citizens rights when on July 11th 2014, the tenant motioned for a speedy trial,the civil court has also prejudiced and ignored the rights of this individual when it stripped his rights to serve legal documents in ways addressed in the Rules of Civil Court Procedures and ordered that documents only be served by email without probable cause or justifying its reasons.

Judge Kalowski further breached the Rules of Civil Procedures when he took Catherine April Stewart into his chambers after a scheduled motion without the other side being present, stating “it was on an unrelated matter”, but Catherine April Stewart stated in court on that day “it was her first time in Civil court”, again showing the prejudice of Judge Kalwoski and the Barrie courts.

A pending complaint to the Law Society to investigate the allegations of civil court Judge Kalwoskis breaches of the rules and discrimination and violation of his rights towards the Barrie citizen.Transcripts of that Motion Hearing will be presented to the Law Society for an investigation into these allegations.


Any disgruntled parties that have any additional information you would like to pass on concerning, Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc, private investigator & retired police officer Paul T Smith or Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Donald Dykstra of the Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie, we would love to hear more from you.

Please Call, write or email us anytime with the details.

Central Lock & Key of Barrie enter unit illegally to change locks !




From a story dating back to August 15th 2013th which led to

1)  Several Landlord & Tenant Board tribunal complaints,
2)  A joint submission LTB court order signed by Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal for her Dykstra Bros Electric clients,
3)  Two (2) civil cases in Barrie against Dykstra Bros Electric * Heard March 12th 2015
4)  One civil case against Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc (Meaford/Barrie) * Now June 30th 2015
5)  Numerous Law Society complaints filed and on hold against Catherine Stewart until civil case finished
6)  Law Society Complaints against her newest paralegal Howard Tavroges
7)  Human Rights allegations against Dykstra Bros Electric to be heard June 10 2015
8)  Human Rights allegations against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc ( Meaford/Barrie)
9)  Human Rights allegations against Stewart’s boyfriend, employee and retired OPP officer of 30 years, Paul Smith

Several other false accusations by April Stewart, Howard Tavroges and attempts to have tenant charged with Barrie police to be discussed when police report is obtained and posted here on our website.

Privacy Violators wants to bring the rest of the story to you.

August 15th 2013 – Paul Richardson and his son Cody Richardson entered the 40 Ellen Street Barrie unit illegally and proceeded to change the locks on orders from Catherine Stewart and in front of 2 attending police officers and without any court papers or legal papers of any kind picked the bottom lock and cut the security chain to gain entry illegally.

Central lock and key enters unit illegally

Central Lock & Key of Barrie were called to 24 Victoria Street by Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal, and the owners of the units Dykstra Bros Electric for a legal Sheriffs order they had for the unit nut admitted on the stand at the civil hearing that none were provided to them when they illegally entered 40 Ellen Street August 15th 2013.


Paul Richardson and his son Cody Richardson of Central Lock & Key has worked for 4 -5 years on several occasions with Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal changing locks, according to the owner Paul Richardson, on the stand March 12th 2015.

Paul Richardson of Central Lock & Key has no fixed store address for this locksmith service and has no business license and no records with the City of Barrie to operate a business in Barrie. He runs a van as a mobile unit set up with equipment to change and make key & lock changes.It makes it hard to find and serve locksmiths set up like this as summons have to be given in person so we want to help other people that need to find this business for what ever their reasons are and this is probably the reason Catherine Stewart uses locksmiths like Paul Richardson Central Lock & Key for her eviction and lock removal processes.

In October 2013 Paul Richardson and his son Cody Richardson, along with Barrie police officer Melanie Beard, were summoned to the LTB hearing which Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc had claimed to be out of the country for and Stewart had also failed to notify the tenant or the LTB tribunal of her intentions although she had plenty of time she was notified before the trial and had the contact information for the tenant in the court files.

Cody Robertson-central lock and keyCody Richardson, shown here to the left next to their Central Lock & Key mobile unit was being served for the March 12th civil hearing when he threatened the ex tenant and the Barrie police had to be called. Cody Richardson sped out the driveway barely avoiding a car blocking him in and ran, not waiting to talk to the officers about his threats !!

Although properly served, Cody Richardson of Central Lock & Key Barrie failed to show March 12th 2015 civil trial !

Paul Richardson, the owner of Central Lock & Key did show up at the civil trial and on the stand became a hostile witness when he had to admit he was directed to enter the unit illegally by Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc and asked the judge to listen to an audio recording he had taken.

Paul Richardson had saved an audio recording (18 months on his phone) from the September 2013 LTB hearing summons when the tenant had told him if he co operated he would not write badly about the deeds he had done illegally August 2013th on Catherine Stewart’s direction as the tenant knew they were manipulated as were the Barrie police. When asked on the stand when the audio was taken, Paul Richardson had lied, when he said he did not know when it was recorded, although it was evident from the recording it was from 18 months prior for the September 2013 LTB attempts to summon him for the LTB trial that Catherine Stewart and her clients failed to show or to notify the LTB Tribunal or the tenant involved.

Landlord Legal owner Catherine April StewartCatherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc had filed two $25,000 civil cases in Barrie against the ex tenant, on ODSP and un garnishable, one for Ralph Dykstra, Bill Dykstra, Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric and the other from her paralegal firm personally. Stewart and her clients failed to show for the “Mandatory Settlement Conference” for the civil cases she filed against the tenant. These allegations were finally heard March 12th 2015 and the judge hearing the case “Reserved Judgement” and we will post the results and the orders whenever we finally receive them.

Read the Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc stories we have posted and the new updates to the civil and Human Rights allegations against Dykstra Bros Electric and her employee and boyfriend Paul Smith, a retired OPP officer and licensed private investigator that she has to do her private work.

Choose your locksmiths wisely and do a little research before you allow them into your home !!

If you have a story connected to Central Lock & Key of Barrie, Dykstra Bros Electric or Landlord Legal inc that you would like to share with our readers, please feel free to contact us anytime with the details

Canada Revenue Agency fires 14 employees, suspends 18 more for privacy violations

The Canada Revenue Agency ha fired 14 employees and suspended another 18 more employees over the past year for unauthorized access of computer files as the agency responds to criticism that it isn’t doing enough to protect the privacy of Canadians.

News of the disciplinary action comes on the heels of a damning audit report last fall by the federal privacy commissioner. Auditors found managers were unaware that some Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) employees had been inappropriately accessing records from thousands of taxpayers for years undiscovered.

“I think the numbers do reflect that we take the problem quite seriously and that we do follow through when incidents do occur,” said Susan Gardner-Barclay, the Assistant Commissioner of the CRA, without providing any further details on the CRA employee firings and suspensions.

Eight former CRA officials have been charged in connection to a six-year corruption investigation by the RCMP, which announced the end of the probe in February.

Senior CRA officials were testifying Tuesday as part of a broader study by the Commons committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics into concerns over identity theft. The agency was on the defensive over its approach to data breaches by mail.

The agency confirmed that over 2,983 data breaches took place in 2013 – almost all related to mail going to the wrong location – and that 46 per cent of those cases involved personal information. Yet the CRA acknowledged that the vast majority of taxpayers who have had their information sent to the wrong place are never made aware of the breach. Further, the CRA only told the privacy commissioner about 479 of the breaches.

Ms. Gardner-Barclay said the agency’s decisions on whether or not to inform taxpayers or the privacy commissioner about a breach are based on an internal risk assessment used to determine the seriousness of the release.

The CRA said it reclaims about 95 per cent of mail that was sent to the wrong place, but also acknowledged that it can only measure breaches that have been reported back to the agency, meaning the true numbers could be much higher.

Officials said one of the main causes of data breaches is because automated mail sorters place letters meant for two separate addresses into a single envelope.

“It’s usually a machine error,” said Ms. Gardner-Barcley, explaining that virtually all mail has been automated. “It’s very rare that we would be putting documents in envelopes by hand.”

NDP MP and committee member Charmaine Borg – who has dealt with a constituent who received mail from CRA meant for someone else – said Canadians should be told when their information has been breached.

The NDP had previously asked through a written request in Parliament for data on all breaches going back to 2006, however the CRA said it only began tracking such statistics last year.

“I think it’s very concerning,” she said after the meeting, arguing the CRA should be forced to inform Canadians whenever there is a breach. “As a Canadian, you give your information to the government and you should have faith that the government is going to protect that information. But to not even be aware of when your personal information was breached or put at risk? It’s a problem in my view.”

Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal VS Privacy Violators 2013 – 2015 in Full review

April Stewart
47-year-old April Stewart the privacy violator

NO MORE WAITING FOR UPDATES TO : Catherine Stewart VS Privacy Violators website small claims case SCC #1851-13

The following series of posts, is to bring the followers of the Catherine April Stewart VS Privacy Violators website claims and bring the full progress of the allegations in the Barrie, Ontario Small Claims Court, Catherine April Stewart filed against this website from October 2013.



** BE SURE TO READ THE DYKSTRA BROS ELECTRIC allegations in the Dykstra Bros Electric 2013-2015 in full review with audio from the first LTB Dykstra hearing May 7th 2013 & October 24th 2013 illegal entry and illegal lock change from Paul Richardson and his son Cody Richardson from Central Lock and Key services from Barrie, Ontario.


** Read also the new Central Lock & Key posts concerning the incident August 15th as well as Paul Richardson testimony in court and about his sons threats when he was summoned for the Barrie civil hearing March 12th 2015.A police complaint was filed for the threats made from Cody Richardson when he was served to be a witness in the civil cases for the illegal entry and illegal lock change made by his dads company, Central Lock and Key, which was ordered from Catherine Stewart directly to do so, in front of the attending Barrie Police officers Beard and Turner.
Cody Richardson, although summoned did not attend !

Catherine Stewart had previously brought a motion for her personal lawsuit to be heard together with her Dykstra Bros Electric clients, Ralph Dykstra, Bill Dykstra and Donald Dykstra SCC #1852-13 which was heard in Barrie courts March 12 2015, and then did a motion for them to be separated after 17 months of waiting.

The civil judge at the hearing did not hear Catherine Stewart’s case, although there was little evidence submitted by Stewart and no witnesses from either side to be called upon during the Dykstra hearing, instead he had allowed her motion, and put Stewart’ hearing off until June 30th 2015 further delaying the Law Society complaints filed by the ex tenant against her paralegal firm, Landlord Legal inc.

A copy of the civil court transcripts with the two attending Barrie police officers testimony and Paul Richardson of Central Locksmith statements from the hearing have been requested and a letter to the director of the Law Society requesting a time extension is to be filed after receiving them for the illegal entry and illegal lock change allegations filed from August 2013 against Catherine Stewart and her firm.

Other complaints lodged with the Law Society against Catherine Stewart were for constantly delaying and wasting court time deliberately when she claimed to be out of the country for the September 24 2013 LTB hearing and many other court dates she did not attend or notify the other party involved in civil matters for the retrieval of the funds owed from an LTB order she personally signed July 2013, which the tenant had to take to civil court to get and for the 2 civil cases she had filed against Privacy Violators, including not showing up for the mandatory settlement conference after filing her lawsuits, and the many motions during the last 2 years in which given lots of notice but failed to show. All the orders and the judgement from these cases will be posted soon on the website.

Privacy Violators website has received many email complaints about Landlord Legal inc doing the same thing to them in past LTB hearings as well as vexatious claims she has brought up against other tenants and not provide disclosure, prove her claims she had filed with invoices and or proof and then turn around and withdraw her claims she had brought forth in LTB to intimidate or scare the tenant into submission. We have asked several people to provide documentation for these past allegations so we may add them to our own complaints or help them file there own personal complaints against Stewart for the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has been allowed to manipulate the Barrie police, Landlord and Tenant Board and the Barrie Civil courts on many occasions and with the many emails we have received on our website concerning her past actions regarding this will bring it up in LSUC complaints as well.

Check out Landlord Legal inc new website changed last year and read the tenant story she has posted on her front page, and then come back and read the many complaints and stories posted here on Privacy Violators website.

Landlord Legal - Catherine StewartThe Small Claims lawsuit Catherine Stewart had filed for $25,000 for allegedly damaging her paralegal firms reputation and other allegations against Privacy Violators website, filed in October 2013, and then amended late last year, by Stewart, when the Barrie court told her she was in the wrong court to have our website shut down have yet to finalize and see the inside of a courtroom.


Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has wasted the civil courts time by not showing up when fighting to get the order paid from LTB and repeatedly FAILING to notify the other party that her paralegal firm had filed the lawsuit against , for the mandatory settlement conference, and for many motions for the #1851-13 & #1852-13 cases heard.

This is NOT THE FIRST TIME April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has failed to show or to notify the other side for civil cases or Landlord & Tenant Board tribunal dates that were set and provided to her well within the time limits given by the courts.

The numerous Law Society of Upper Canada complaints previously filed in 2013 & 2014 against April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc by her clients Dykstra Bros Electric inc ex tenant, and also against another private practice paralegal associated with her firm Landlord Legal inc, Howard Paul Tavroges for privacy issues were put on hold by the LSUC until the current court matters filed from April Stewart are heard in civil court.The complaints that were filed do not show up tavrogese-image_400x400anywhere on the LSUC website, not even as outstanding complaints or pending complaints so there is no way to know there are complaints previously filed and on record.

This is another tactic used by paralegals such as April Stewart & Howard Tavroges to delay courts, frustrate and waste time and money !!

** Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has June 30th 2015 to hear her allegations she filed October 2013 when she filed her claim against this website. Catherine Stewart failed to show for the Small Claims Court mandatory settlement conference set for the allegations she made against us. An order was made for Stewart to pay the tenant for NOT NOTIFYING the tenant or the court that she did not intend on being present for this hearing. Landlord Legal inc clients, Dykstra Bros Electric also failed to show or notify the tenant or the court that they also had no intentions of paying the order nor for attending this mandatory hearing.

Dykstras commercial plaza Ellen 38 St BarrieAllegations that Privacy Violators had damaged her Dykstra Bros Electric clients and Landlord legal paralegal firm reputation after posting actual police incident reports and claims of harassment, illegal lock change, illegal entry which were directed by April Stewart to the  locksmiths while Barrie Police stood by and watched her do an illegal act and did nothing while they were acting under the authority of her Landlord Legal inc paralegal firm in July 2013 cannot be to damaging to her firm as she does not seem interested in ending this long dispute and does not attend her own lawsuit to justify her claims !!

The past topics and postings on Privacy Violators website of the actual police incident reports, Law Society of Upper Canada complaints and all the direct court documents that supported it’s allegations following April Catherine Stewart, owner of Landlord Legal inc, actions against a past tenant of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie, Ontario whom she was representing led Stewart to file a Small Claims case against this website.

Health Canada breaches MMA participants privacy

health-canada Health Canada has come under investigation again from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, after receiving hundreds of complaints that Health Canada had sent out revealing private information to 40,000 registered participants in the Medical Marihuana Access Program (MMAP) that clearly had identifying Medical Marihuana Access (MMA) program association on the upper left of the envelopes. The letters sent out, and received by approximately 40,000 participants in late November, clearly stated on the envelope that they were from the Marihuana Medical Access Program.

In the six years of being a MMAP registered participant, I have always received and sent correspondence to and from the Health Canada MMAP through private special delivery mail, tracked and signature required.health-canada-MMAR-letter

Your Pal AL has had many correspondences with several investigators from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada from my all my personal complaints that i have filed.. and all I can say is when its not a big corporation they are investigating, and only private sector personal complaints, they did not investigate much at all.

All the complaints that were filed by me against Landlord Legal, Dykstra Bros Electric, Coin Hoarders Treasury and Health Canada, with all the corresponding letters to and from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada investigators will be posted here as all are scanned and organized soon.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Health Canada for the clear breach of privacy that had occurred. Here is another good post to check out from the Ottawa Citizen with Liberal health critic Hedy Fry urging the Federal Privacy Commissioner to find out why Health Canada outed the 40,000 Medical Marihuana Access users, leaving them vulnerable to home invasion and robbery.

From Ottawa Citizen post : “Medical marihuana privacy breach due to Health Canada “incompetence”,critics say”.

Hedy Fry ~ Liberal health critic

“Privacy alone is a huge breach,” she said, “but now the risks to some of these people is huge. It’s really extraordinary and this government has to answer why, on three separate occasions in the last two years, they have screwed up. This government knows how to keep who said what to whom in the Prime Minister’s Office secret, but they aren’t competent enough to keep important information about Canadians that under the Privacy Act they have to keep secret.”


Shortly after the letters became public , Health Canada deputy minister George Da Post issued a statement apologizing to the 40,000 recipients.

“Health Canada is taking steps to ensure this does not happen again,” he said.

In a statement to the Ottawa Citizen, Health Canada denied that any changes had been made to its mailing procedures.

Link to Privacy Commissioner website : Privacy Commissioner to investigate Health Canada for possible breach of personal information

Link to ctvnews.ca website post from November 25 2013 : Medical marijuana users launch proposed lawsuit after Health Canada privacy gaffe

Link to cannabisculture.com post : Health Canada’s War on Medical Marijuana Patients

Diane Smith – Barrie Paralegal Investigated by Upper Law Society of Canada

Diane Smith Paralegal -Barrie
Diane Smith Paralegal -Barrie

A complaint to the Upper Law Society of Canada regarding a Barrie paralegal Diane Lynn Smith  (link to the ULSC website – go to directory) to be  investigated for allegedly sending a letter to a tenant while she was under suspension and other allegations. The Upper Law Society has not sent any further information as to its point in the investigation or its rulings. Can you see after reading the letter she sent to the Tenant, what the other complaint the Tenant filed against her ?

The Smith Paralegal facebook page shows her having an office on Anne Street last year, and another address for the Bayfield Mall to the Masters Drive address on her letterhead in June of this year. This was voted to be added to our Paralegals Gone Wild Section.



Read the letter that was sent to the tenant and see if you can pick out the reason why the Tenant initially filed the complaints against Smith Paralegal Services of Barrie. Diane Smith is Suspended Administratively.
Suspended Administratively means : “A paralegal who has been suspended for administrative reasons, such as failing to pay fees or file forms on time. A suspended paralegal is not permitted by the Law Society to provide legal services.”
There will be further postings to update the status of the complaints that were filed in June 2013 with the Upper Law Society and any additional legal action taken.


It is always a good practice to check the Upper Law Society website for the status of any Lawyer or paralegal to see if any prior complaints have been filed,  their licence type and their status with the Law Society of Upper Canada.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines Landlord Harassment as :

“Landlord harassment is the willing creation, by a landlord or his agents, of conditions that are uncomfortable for one or more tenants in order to induce willing abandonment of a rental contract. Such a strategy is often sought because it avoids costly legal expenses and potential problems with eviction. This kind of activity is common in regions where rent control laws exist, but which do not allow the direct extension of rent-controlled prices from one tenancy to the subsequent tenancy, thus allowing landlords to set higher prices. Landlord harassment carries specific legal penalties in some jurisdictions, but enforcement can be very difficult or even impossible in many circumstances. However, when a crime is committed in the process and motives similar to those described above are subsequently proven in court, then those motives may be considered an aggravating factor in many jurisdictions, thus subjecting the offender(s) to a stiffer sentence.” ~ Wikipedia


** We will post the actual complaint filed and the results when the Upper Law Society finishes investigating the alleged claims against Smith.

If you need to file a complaint against a Lawyer or a paralegal, visit the website of the  Upper Law Society of Canada.

Corrupt Barrie Police fail to investigate ex OPP officer Paul Smith for impersonating as Private Investigator and violating tenant Constitutional Rights to privacy !

When the public and especially tenants in general have issues with violations to their privacy, break and enters and the methods used by their landlords and illegal practices from paralegals such as Catherine Stewart of Walter’s Falls & Barrie Ontario, where do they go for protection ?

Normally ANY citizen of Canada or a tenant would call the police for help, file a complaint at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) or possibly file their allegations with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) or exercise all three possibilities according to their rights.

Many complaints of paralegal Catherine Stewart’s illegal practices, of break and enter, illegal searches, constant harassment of a HRTO applicant, entering false testimony, entering false evidence have all gone to the Barrie police to investigate from a tenant who had filed many complaints and allegations against Catherine Stewart and alleged retired and decorated ex OPP officer and boyfriend Paul Smith.

Barrie policeThe corrupt Barrie police force has failed to act on many allegations filed against the ex cop and his girlfriend paralegal without a single officer investigating any of the complaints. There is no protection for the HRTO applicant or ANY investigation done by the corrupt Barrie police force when dealing with one of their own and this alleged ex OPP officer.

Complaints to the OPP Commissioner have gone un answered as to the alleged possible corruption when Paul Smith was supposedly an Ontario Provincial Police officer.

If Paul Smith willingly and knowing constantly violates the Landlord and Tenant Act, privacy rights and our Constitutional Rights as Canadians for his paralegal girlfriend, what illegal actions did he do when he was with the Ontario Provincial Police?

  1. Barrie police officers Melanie Beard and T Turner witnessed Catherine Stewart break into 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario
  2. Barrie police Detective Steeles ignored complaints of impersonating a PI, false evidence and false evidence submitted by Paul Smith to courts
  3. Barrie police Detective Steeles also harassed a Human rights applicant over false reports from paralegal Stewart and ex OPP boyfriend
  4. Barrie police did nothing to stop or investigate the B & E complaint the tenant tried to file
  5. Barrie police failed to investigate the paralegals gestapo style illegal property management tactics
  6. Barrie police failed to investigate paralegal Catherine Stewart violating tenant Constitutional Rights !!
  7. Barrie police failed to investigate the illegal practices of Paul Smith violating TENANT PRIVACY under the LTB Act !!
  8. Barrie police failed to investigate the illegal practices of Stewart as a paralegal violating TENANT PRIVACY RIGHTS !!
  9. Barrie police called the HRTO several times from a cell number that was ONLY ON FILE for HRTO matters against C A Stewart and Paul Smith
  10. Paralegal Stewart gave the Barrie Police the applicants confidential cell number that was to be used for HRTO court matters only
  11. The Barrie police & the OPP failed to investigate harassment allegations brought to them concerning Stewart and the ex OPP officer
  12. Barrie police and the OPP failed to investigate complaints of the false testimony entered from Stewart’s ex cop boyfriend numerous times
  13. Barrie police failed to investigate complaints of false evidence entered into civil matters and the HRTO allegations against the pair
  14. Barrie police failed to investigate or STOP THE CONSTANT HARASSMENT form C A Stewart and ex OPP officer Paul Smith
  15. Barrie police failed to investigate Paul Smith from personally contacting applicant, serving documents or harassing the HRTO applicant

Police chief Kimberly Greenwood, of the Barrie city police, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Vince Hawkes, Human Rights Commissioner Renu Mandhane along with the Canadian Law Society have all failed to protect many rights given to Canadian citizens and continue to ignore and put under the rug, any legitimate complaints brought forth by Canadian citizens against this alleged ex Ontario provincial police officer !!

A quote is stated below from Detective Steeles when he threatened to put out a warrant on a Human Rights applicant over allegations the ex tenant was appearing at the open forum at the Barrie LTB board where Catherine Stewart was defending a landlord illegally according to the LTB Act 2006 ! Stewart complained to the Barrie police the ex tenant was attending the LTB hearings in Barrie which is his right to do so ANYTIME he wants to as it is a PUBLIC and OPEN hearing.The Barrie police had NO REASON to harass the ex tenant and Human Rights applicant for attending LTB hearings. Detective Steele also ignored the false evidence claims and the false testimony claims when the applicant tried to have Catherine Stewart and her ex cop boyfriend charged with the offenses.The FOI with Turner, Beards and Steeles police reports will be posted for the public to view.

Detective Steele did not do ANY INVESTIGATION into the allegations made concerning the harassment, false evidence and false statement claims brought up against Smith & Stewart but did threaten to have a warrant issued for the applicant for attending LTB hearing. WOW Barrie police justice is far between and completely corrupt !!

Barrie police Detective Steeles quote to a Human Rights applicant ;

It is a HICCUP of the law

The Freedom of Information act allowed the harassed citizen to retrieve copies of police reports filed by Beard, Turner and Steeles along with other Barrie police officers who allegedly harassed the human Rights applicant and his friends when trying to find false allegations to press charges against the applicant to further help the ex OPP officer and ignore the legitimate complaints filed with them concerning severe harassment and breaches of court conduct when in legal and court issues involving Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith personally.

We will be posting every Freedom Of Information report that has been obtained from every police force involved and every pertinent file from the Human Rights Tribunal to expose the truth about Catherine Stewart, Paul Smith, our legal system and the police protection that we are suppose to have as citizens in Canada.

Entering FALSE EVIDENCE and SUBMITTING FALSE TESTIMONY is a CRIMINAL offense as is BREAK & ENTER and HARASSMENT in Canada unless the Barrie police and the OPP protect the guilty parties involved and cover up the allegations concerning these people.The Barrie police DO NOT PROTECT THE PUBLIC but only cover up and ignore complaints that are filed with them and then contact the alleged parties to inform them of the complaints that were attempted to be filed so they can fix their problems.

Catherine Stewart and ex OPP officer Paul Smith committed illegal acts when they pretend to be a Private Investigator, enter false evidence and false testimony to protect their own asses of the Human Rights allegations that were filed against them for violating a tenants god given rights that are suppose to be protected by the Human Rights Commission.

Paul Smith is known to make false statements and Catherine Stewart his paralegal girlfriend puts her commissioner stamp on it to make the lies official and the way she needs it to evict defenseless tenants all the while NOT LEGAL to represent landlords in Landlord and Tenant board hearings as she does not fit the definition of a “landlord”. Stewart is known to use the phrase “Landlord Representative” in LTB and sign the illegal name APRIL STEWART instead of her given name and legal name stated with the LSUC which is CATHERINE STEWART !! BEWARE OF THE FRAUD TACTICS IN LTB. Stewart is also known NOT TO GIVE DISCLOSURE for LTB hearings, do not allow this injustice to continue with this scum who is a self proclaimed “terminator” . Tenants have rights that are constantly violated by this property manager who is a paralegal illegally acting on behalf of LANDLORDS ONLY in LTB matters. Bring this non disclosure and fraud tactics up to the LTB judge hearing your case and file your complaint with the LSUC and then contact us to follow your story publicly.

New complaints have been filed with the Law Society concerning Catherine Stewart tampering with Civil court documents and entering false evidence and false testimony into the Human Rights allegations she was accused of. Past complaints filed against Stewart were ignored when David Cass, intake worker for the LSUC dismissed complaints when Stewart lied about ongoing court cases when there was none presently before the courts at that time. Stewart had submitted no evidence to David Cass when he dismissed the complaints blindly.

We have received several emails about complaints to the LSUC filed against paralegals and lawyers mentioned in several of our public interest stories, and David Cass has been at the center of a couple of the complaints and dismissed them as well without proof or justifications for his actions. The complaints that we know for sure that have been filed have not showed on the paralegals public record at all after David Cass puts them under the rug and fails to protect the public.

The LSUC is more concerned that paralegals pay their yearly fees to them than they are in protecting the public from paralegals who openly and knowingly break the law and the Rules of Conduct set out by the LSUC. We will be writing further about the complaints filed and the LSUC Rules and Regulations that are suppose to be in place so the public can see the real truth about our legal system. The truth will scare you more than you think if you think we live in a FREE Canada.

David Cass is protecting Lawyers and Paralegals from complaints that are legitimately filed against paralegals and Lawyers without justifying his reasons or the persons providing proof of their claims they make to protect themselves. The Law Society itself is a self run body that only protects lawyers and paralegals from the complaints that are shoved aside without proof or justification and never heard.

Privacy Violators has evidence of at least 4 other complaints filed with the LSUC against Stewart but there is no records of ANY complaints being filed including Break & Enter complaints filed in 2013 from a Barrie tenant. The Law Society intake process is as crooked as the cops when they do not protect the public from the Hard Practices of paralegals who knowingly break the laws for their clients. This leaves only one option for tenants when coming across these low life paralegals and that is to defend yourself to the max because the system is rigged against you.

We will be publishing options you can choose to use when dealing with Catherine Stewart who knowingly breaks the law in front of the Barrie police and got away with it until the new complaints are heard and the results published here on Privacy Violators website for the public to learn of the corrupt system. We actually live in a communist Canada when a one year graduate becomes a paralegal and can knowingly break laws and get away with it.

Your privacy and your live is exposed when dealing with SCUM (in our opinion) like Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith !!

Read the new series we have for you entitled “THE STEWART SOLUTION”

The Barrie police are as corrupt as they come and do not have any interest in investigating an ex Ontario Police officer which has never been confirmed. This ex OPP officer claimed to be a decorated officer but no records were ever found that he was ever in the OPP or a decorated officer and the statements they put into court were never backed with any documentation to prove there claims about Paul Smith.

Tenants rights, Human Rights applicants, Landlord & Tenant Board applicants and many Canadian citizens who have filed complaints against this paralegal and her ex cop boyfriend, who to this day still operate the illegal property management firm, with the protection of the police and with only one purpose and intention, TO EVICT THE TENANT FOR THEIR LANDLORD CLIENTS !!


The truth is paralegals like Catherine Stewart, who act as a paralegal for Landlords only, and operate illegal property manager businesses with her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith, have NO RIGHTS to privacy and lose all their rights when it comes to the corrupt court system in Ontario, Canada.Stewart constantly uses her boyfriends ex OPP status when dealing with the police making them reluctant to investigate one of their own and ignoring citizens rights.

oppEx OPP officer, Paul Smith has been alleged to have been impersonating a Private Investigator status for over 5 years illegally, and still has not been investigated for making claims and entering statements and evidence as such when he was not legal to be acting as a private investigator for his paralegal girlfriend operating a scam to commit fraud in the LTB matters she represents landlords at illegally under the LTB ACT 2006 !!. Another matter ignored by the Barrie city police and the OPP commissioner.

Paralegal Catherine Stewart operates this property management company, Landlord Legal, out of a small cubicle style office located in Barrie, Ontario from 117 Bayfield Street. Stewart has been known to move her property management office frequently as she does NOT ALLOW TENANTS to enter her property management office under any circumstance.

Normal and legitimate property management companies would have the obligation to address tenant issues and other matters that would come up from the tenants of the landlords they represent.Stewart does not allow tenant contact, even for emergencies, she has always acted as a fraudulent property manager and abusing her paralegal status to harass tenants rights and privacy with intentions to evict them.Stewart lies on her website when she claims she sold her property management company which she operates from Barrie Ontario.

Privacy Violators has filed information with the Canada Revenue Services claiming Catherine Stewart has not paid taxes for her illegal property management company since 2006, which she rolled into one company, her paralegal services. Tax fraud is also another allegation brought up to the Canada Revenue Services concerning Landlord Legal !!


Quoted from Catherine Stewart’s illegal property management company website

About Us

Landlord Legal was officially launched in Barrie, Ontario, in 2006 by our founder C. April Stewart, who discovered through her property management company, Barrie Rentals Inc., that no one seemed to be advocating in a meaningful way for landlords. She was troubled by the treatment landlords received from tenants, the legislators, and the Board, and set out to level the playing field. She sold her management business and began her quest for landlord justice, which continues to date. Stewart’s passion for landlord’s rights has led to industry awards, national media coverage, and speaking engagements to hundreds of landlords throughout Ontario. Our firm represents landlords only!

Our Services
 We provide advocacy and representation to residential landlords only, anywhere in Ontario. We specialize in evicting problem tenants, and defending landlords against tenant initiated litigation. We represent landlords at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). We also provide educational seminars to landlords, real estate agents, investors and investment clubs, that are as entertaining as they are informative! Imagine the stories we can tell around here!

This is NOT the case when dealing with the illegal property management offices of paralegal Catherine Stewart !

  1. She uses illegal ownership name of April Stewart in LTB matters when acting as property manager under Landlord Legal
  2. She uses legal name of Catherine Stewart when acting as a paralegal for landlords under Landlord Legal.inc
  3. Catherine Stewart openly uses the self appointed term of “The Terminator”, as property manager and paralegal !!
  4. Has TENANT DO NOT ENTER SIGNS on property management door
  6. Sends letters, threats and warnings to tenants to EMAIL her their issues ONLY !
  7. Has been known to break into tenants house with the Barrie police watching and doing absolutely nothing
  8. Barrie police were an accessory to the break and enter when they witnessed it and took no actions !
  9. Has been known to openly threaten a tenant and HRTO applicant on her property management website
  10. Has EMAIL ONLY REGISTRATION forms available only from her website http://www.landlordlegal.ca for her illegal services
  11. Does not and will not accept communications for tenant emergencies or complaints or any issues
  12. Will NOT ADDRESS TENANT ISSUES for her landlord clients she represents
  13. Uses her alleged retired ex OPP officer boyfriend-husband to do illegal searches of tenants unit
  14. Has been known to use false testimony from ex OPP boyfriend in LTB, privacy commissioner complaints, Civil Court and HRTO
  15. Has been known to enter false evidence into HRTO matters filed against Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart
  16. has been known to sign LTB agreements for her landlord clients under April Stewart numerous times
  17. Has been known numerous times NOT TO HONOR any AGREEMENT she signs as April Stewart property manager
  18. Is NOT LEGAL to represent landlords as both property manager and paralegal in LTB matters.
  19. Breaches constitutional rights and the LTB Act using Paul Smith to photograph tenants houses, apartments
  20. Is only HIRED to EVICT THE TENANT not act as a legal property manager for landlords only
  21. Violates the Landlord and Tenant Act when representing landlords as she does not fit the definition of as such in LTB court

Does any of the few points already mentioned sound like Catherine Stewart operates a legitimate property management firm. How and why does the Law Society allow a one year technical school graduate for paralegal, to get away with breaking protected any Canadian citizen’s Constitutional Rights for privacy and the many rules of the Landlord and Tenant Act Stewart violates since 2006.

Law Society of Upper Canada

Licensed paralegal Catherine Stewart is a disgrace to the Law Society and operates this illegal property management company from Barrie Ontario, although it it is a clear VIOLATION of the UPPER LAW SOCIETY OF CANADA (ULSC) Rules and Regulations conflict of interest laws she knowingly ignores.

Licensed paralegal Catherine Stewart has been operating this illegal property management business and representing LANDLORDS ONLY in Landlord and Tenant Board hearings although this is another breach of the ULSC rules and has the single intention of evicting the tenant fore her landlord only clients. Stewart uses her property management website to solicit the work for the landlords and uses her authority as a paralegal to bully, harass and violate tenant rights given to them for protection.

You must read the new series we compiled with things you can do when confronted by such illegal methods and you feel you can do nothing to stop the scum present in our court systems today. We have named the NEW SERIES after this paralegal, THE STEWART SOLUTION, who to this day is still completely photographing tenant units against the LTB Act, harassing helpless tenants and using powers given to her from the Law Society to evict the helpless tenants.

We want to give tenants more ideas and options when dealing with illegal methods used by their tenants, paralegals or the corrupt police forces out there. Read some of the points and tips we offer and give some feedback if we missed any options for helpless tenants to defend themselves against illegal property managers or crooked paralegals who knowingly break the law for their landlord clients.

We are still searching for photos of this ex OPP officer Paul Smith who operates as an illegal Private Investigator for Catherine Stewart, both from the little town of Walters Falls, Ontario, just outside of Meaford, Ontario.


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